What is a clutch? This is a women’s bag that plays the role of a stylish accessory and a simply necessary wardrobe item. In the traditional sense, a women’s clutch is an integral element of the classic «bow», which includes: a little black dress, stilettos, a neat hairstyle and a small evening-style clutch. Gracefully, always in fashion, it looks expensive and spectacular. But fashion trends say that now this kind of handbags can be worn not only with pretentious outfits, but even with simple sportswear. And why not, if a person likes such a tandem? It is for such extraordinary people that modern designers have developed models of a wide variety of clutches with rebranding in the name of cross-body. Today we will tell you what to wear and with what.

A Brief History of the Clutch

Like any fashion attribute, the clutch has its own founder and interesting stages of development. The first mention of this handbag dates back to the time of the formation of the paper money system and the emergence of minted coins. Special small wallets, which were already used to carry paper money, became the initial prototype for developing the design of future accessories. It is not strange, because it was already completely inconvenient to carry banknotes in bags, so shoemakers began to sew small bags in size and shape suitable for monetary currency. Similar products were made from genuine leather, differed in design, and were fastened in the belt area. Over hundreds of years of active use, the appearance has changed, but the purpose has remained the same. The peak of popularity for small handbags fell on the 20-30s of the last century. Today, they are once again becoming famous, thanks to which they confidently become an indispensable element of a fashionable bow.

How and with what to wear a clutch?

In the classic view, a clutch is worn under a beautiful outfit for special occasions:

  • parties;
  • corporate parties;
  • weddings;
  • banquets.

According to the rules of etiquette, the handbag is chosen either to match the clothes. For example, a white clutch is recommended to be worn under a light outfit: a dress, a skirt or trouser suit, or radically in the opposite shade. However, in such an ensemble, you need to “support” the clutch with another accessory. For example, a belt. It can have the same color as the handbag. Or shoes can have the same decor as the clutch. Also, remember a few points:

  • the more complex the cut of the dress and the more decorative details on it, the simpler the clutch should be, and vice versa.
  • the clutch does not have to be worn exclusively in the hand; many modern models are equipped with long straps for wearing over the shoulder or on the arm bent at the elbow. Choose the option of carrying a handbag for reasons of convenience.
  • if you decide to take an expensive bright clutch with you to the event, then you should not hang an additional bunch of jewelry on the image. Everything should be in moderation;
  • the tandem of an expensive bright clutch and a large bracelet looks beautiful. Moreover, the shade of the handbag and metal or the accessories of both accessories should be in harmony with each other;
  • a wicker or puffy clutch with a large bracelet or ring will look good. Moreover, the insert in the decoration on the arm must also be selected to match the tone of the handbag.

The universal model of simple design will complement the business look: a suit with trousers or a pencil skirt. This handbag will look great with casual jeans or shorts in turquoise, red or even pink. In spring and autumn, a classic clutch is effectively combined with a trench coat and ankle boots. For a romantic look, a laconic model of soft pink, white or light shade is suitable for a special occasion. Bright miniature handbags are a real must-have this year. Designers offer to combine them with simple things in casual style. To do this, choose emerald, blue or pink shades. A stylish red clutch will effectively complement any look.

Fashionable women’s clutches 2022

All women’s clutches that are in fashion today can be divided into two categories: to show off and for every day. The first category includes such handbags:

  • Clutches with geometric lines and texture. These accessories have become popular due to their functionality and bold interlacing of geometry. They can be worn both with light tones of dresses and with strict dark ones, both for events and in everyday life.
  • Bulky, puffy accessories are back in fashion. Typically, such products are made of thin leather or eco-leather, which gives tenderness and restraint to the handbag. In general, the handbag is elegant, charming, presents its owner as a person with exquisite taste.
  • Plaid clutches are a vivid example of extraordinary and fashionable glamor on one canvas. An interesting design in the form of leather interlacing, a palette of the most juicy summer shades will decorate any outfit. You can wear a classic dress, and the clutch will be the highlight of the image. Such bags have become the most fashionable trend of the spring-summer of this year.
  • A clutch with a metal chain is also held in high esteem by fashionistas today. The idea of ​​such a handbag first appeared in Italy. The impeccable taste of the accessory immediately captivated the first ladies of America, who since 1953 have been taking such handbags with them to social events. The accessory can be used as a handle if necessary.


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