On the 58th I gave my father this perpetual calendar, wooden, 45 cm in diameter and 1 cm thick — this is an original device for counting days to retirement and interior decoration.

— The calendar is made of plywood, which is why it is grateful for its compactness and functionality.

— The wall calendar is suitable as an unusual and original gift, the design of which will definitely surprise your friends, comrades, buddies, loved ones or business partners. Such a perpetual calendar will definitely be remembered and linger on the wall for a long time.

— The remaining time until retirement is displayed in the windows on the body of the product. You can change the date, month and day by rotating the corresponding ring. The calendar has an original design and can effectively complement your interior.

— If you want to make an unusual and at the same time very necessary gift, then this product will be an ideal offer.

— A perpetual calendar is a solid gift at an affordable price.

— Packing: box with sides of 46 cm made of thick Kraft cardboard with a thickness of 4 cm.

Quoting my father:

— What a generous gift!

— I am very pleased with such attention!

Thanks for the age reminder! Now every morning I will think of you.

— Do you also have such a calendar? Not? What holiday do you want this for?

How unusual, thank you! Where did you manage to find it?

I want to add that my father is very humorous. He also added:

— I will give my old people, together we will count the days !!!

Here it is: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/40727974/detail.aspx?targetUrl=BP


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