What Misha and his mother arranged at home.

How to bring home a game that was traditionally considered not suitable for home? Is it possible? Today we will tell about one mother with a small son who succeeded.

Nature does not always please us with fine days for a walk with a baby, so it is important for many mothers to have fun, actively and usefully spend time with a child at home.

The boy Misha stood on his chair and looked thoughtfully out the window. It was raining outside the window. Misha watched the car go by on the wet road; for passers-by hurrying home under umbrellas; behind a huge puddle growing under the swings, and behind the fact that toys forgotten by someone get wet in his favorite sandbox.

— Mom, let’s make a sandbox at our house! — Misha suddenly offered, — It’s raining outside, but I really want to play with sand!

«A good idea!» Mom thought. “Girlfriends on the playground once discussed the miracle sand with which their children play at home … Now we will have it too!” — she decided and opened the website of the online store.

There were many offers in the store. Misha’s mother was in no hurry to buy the first sand that came across and began by studying the offers.

Hurry to play!

Soon the choice fell on «Smart Sand» Genio kids. It was about him that moms talked about on the site and there were a lot of good reviews on the site. The decisive factor in the purchase was that the sand was produced in Belarus, which means it is safe, has all the necessary quality certificates and has passed all the necessary tests.

For the sample, we chose a small set of purple sand with several molds. And after a couple of days the order was delivered.

«Hurry to play!» Misha hurried, opening the lid of the sand bucket.

After the first days of use, Misha and his mother decided that Smart Sand was even better than the one in the sandbox!

· It is pleasant to the touch and resembles wet sea sand;

· It molds better, and it is very easy to build from it;

· It does not stick to clothes and other surfaces, does not leave stains;

· It does not scatter in bulk on the floor, and it is quite easy to collect it even with a broom. Misha, by the way, always copes well with this himself. Well, almost always.

· And he’s clean too. Unlike sand in a sandbox, there is nothing superfluous in it 😊

Sand — develops!

Soon one bucket was not enough, because the boy wanted to build his own, large fortresses and castles. Mom also solved this problem without difficulty: she noticed suitable molds in the Fairytale Castle set. The set also included an insert with knights, princesses, dragons and a plastic sandbox, which made it much more convenient to play with and kept order in the nursery longer.

Misha spent several hours a day playing with sand. Mom noticed that his hands were becoming more dexterous, and crafts were becoming more complex.

“What are the benefits of playing with sand for children?” she thought. Having studied the opinions of teachers and psychologists, Misha’s mother concluded:

· Creative approach to playing with sand develops spatial thinking;

· Role-playing games give free rein to children’s fantasies, expand their active vocabulary and horizons;

· The development of fine motor skills of the hands is stimulated, which is responsible for the overall development of the baby’s abilities;

· Playing with sand helps the child to relax and release the accumulated stress.

· Sand games are a good joint pastime for adults and children.

How do they play with sand?

There are a lot of options for playing with sand, but Misha and his mother have favorite joint games that not only have fun, but also teach!

And what’s next?

Now Misha plays with the sand whenever he wants, regardless of the time of year and the weather. Parents support their son’s hobby and sometimes delight him with new interesting sets that Genio kids have. So for his fifth birthday, Misha already wants a set of «Big Construction» as a gift with two construction machines and a mold for making bricks.

And Misha also decided that when he grows up, he will become an architect and design the most unusual building on Mars. But, perhaps, he will be an excellent confectioner, because recently he was presented with a set of «Cupcakes», from which Misha makes very «delicious» sweets. But that’s a completely different story… 😉


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