What do Angel skin formulations hide?

I approached the creation of my own cosmetics with a bias. For me, all the subtleties were important: efficiency, price, aesthetics and, of course, the feeling of using the product.

Anti-cellulite care is not only about endless fitness and diets. It is also a state of satisfaction with one’s own body. And you can get to know yourself better, get to know your feelings and preferences better only through regular self-care. This will help a set of anti-cellulite cosmetics. When you buy several products from the same series, you are more likely to use them together, which means you will achieve results faster.

But back to the ingredients:

Laminaria, fucus, natural oils are important ingredients in my cosmetics. They are a natural source of beauty and health. Therefore, I decided to take advantage of what nature has already given and added Angel skin to the anti-cellulite complex.⠀

I’ll tell you more.

1. Angel skin workout cream is perhaps the best cellulite cream you have tried. It works simultaneously with you while you are exercising — a dream, not a weight loss cream! This is thanks to the bomb composition:

▪ Grape seed oil — moisturizes and nourishes the skin, tones and whitens, and also has an antioxidant effect.

▪ Laminaria oil — moisturizes and softens the skin, heals damage and enhances regeneration.

▪ Fucus oil — penetrates deep into the skin and helps retain moisture, smoothes congestive nodules.

▪ Horse chestnut extract — strengthens capillary walls and reduces spider veins.

▪ Menthol — pleasantly cools the skin.

2. Warming cream after training Angel Skin Relax is not only an anti-cellulite massage cream, but also a means to restore the skin after mechanical impact, for example, after scrubbing or drybrushing. It is even used as a cream for stretch marks, thanks to its delicate composition:

▪ Laminaria brown algae oil — restores impaired lipid (fat) metabolism, their production and breakdown, improves blood circulation and metabolism, fights the appearance of cellulite and slows down its formation.

▪ CO2-extract of hot pepper — has a warming effect that relaxes muscles after exercise, penetrates deep into tissues and improves blood flow, relieves spasm and fatigue, promotes detoxification and breakdown of body fat.

▪ D-panthenol (provitamin B5) — has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic effect, removes the negative effects on the skin of excreted toxins, removes pain stress after training, has a beneficial effect on the skin and makes it softer and more tender. And also — heals scratches or abrasions.

3. Angel Skin Butter Body Cream — Moisturizing body cream with shine. It contains about 30% natural valuable oils:

▪ Shea butter softens, protects and activates collagen production.

▪ Cocoa butter moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes the skin, reduces inflammation and heals the skin.

▪ Coconut oil softens, moisturizes and eliminates flaking, accelerates cell renewal and acts as an antioxidant.

▪ Panthenol soothes and heals the skin, so the cream is good after sunbathing or depilation.

And what anti-cellulite set of cosmetics does without wrapping and scrub? I will talk about them in the next article.


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