This year your child is going to the first grade: this is an important and exciting event both for him and for you! Therefore, you probably decided to prepare in advance for an important event and collect everything you need for your first-grader. We decided to help you with this and compiled a list of necessary items that you may need.

Lined and caged notebooks

Notebooks are the first thing parents buy for first graders. Be sure to add to your list notebooks in a ruler and a cage.

And don’t forget covers for notebooks and books.

In addition, the child will need folder for notebooksto make sure everything is in perfect order.

Pencil case

Pencil case should be not only beautiful, but also functional. He teaches the baby to order and accuracy.

Blue ink pen

Be sure to put in a pencil case the usual blue ink pen. It will be good if there are several pens, as kids often lose or forget pens at home. And a first-grader can give a spare pen to a neighbor on the desk if he forgot his.

simple pencil

In drawing lessons, kids may need simple pencil. Just in case, let there be several of them too: one may break, and there will be no time to sharpen it in the lesson.

Colored pencils and paints

In addition to a simple pencil, you will also need colored pencils, watercolors, gouache and multicolored gel pens.

Eraser and sharpener

Eraser Also, be sure to buy for the baby. First-graders sometimes make mistakes when they write or draw with simple pencils. Also don’t forget about sharpenerso that the kid himself sharpens pencils when they break or wear off.

Paint brushes

Since first-graders often color or draw, they will definitely need brushes for painting.


In mathematics, the main assistant — ruler. Pay attention to wooden and plastic, they are safe, unlike metal ones.


Toddlers in the first grade are inattentive, so bookmarks are simply necessary.

Colored and white cardboard, as well as colored paper

First-graders often make all kinds of crafts, so you can’t do without colored and white cardboardas well as colored paper.

You will also need to work pencil and PVA glue.

Also don’t forget about scissors with safe ends so that the baby does not get hurt while working.


Choose for kids brightly colored albumsfeaturing your favorite cartoon characters. It’s nice to draw in such an album!


At the time of buying plasticine don’t be stingy! Let the child have as many colors as possible in the palette: you never know what the child fantasizes while sculpting. And with all sorts of colors, it will be much easier to realize your imagination.

Stay with us and stay tuned for updates! In the next article we will talk about what a first grader needs from clothes.


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