I like traveling very much.

Before, when I was younger, I went alone or with a friend. I remember once in the summer, and we were then 17 years old, we rushed to Gelendzhik with her. And … and then exactly the same as in the movie «Be my husband»: wherever we go, everywhere there are NO PLACES signs. The day was wonderful, the beach, the sea, the boat with access to the open sea, the dolphins jumped as if on order. And then the evening came. Having a snack in a cafe on the seashore to the sound of the surf, we thought about where to sleep. Although it was a calm time then, the times of the USSR, it’s still scary to while away the night in the open air. We are wandering along the embankment of Gelendzhik and suddenly we see dense thickets of thuja. Fluffy such tuechki and planted in a circle. And then Irka offers, and let’s spend the night here. We climbed inside this circle. And it’s so cozy, dark and warm. Spreading towels, backpacks under my head, we slept until the morning … And why am I — and besides, in the morning I found that I had torn my pants, catching on a branch.

And there was nothing to sew, because then there were no such wonderful travel sewing kits.


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