1) Sharks, like humans, are very susceptible to the effects of the moon. Its phases affect not only the feeding habits of predators, but can even lead them astray.

2) The structure of the eye of a shark and a person are similar. The only difference is in the frequency of perception: we have 24 frames per second, sharks have 45. Contrary to popular belief about the monochrome vision of sharks, it has recently been confirmed that their eye is able to distinguish colors.

3) The spotted back coloration of whale sharks is as unique as human fingerprints. There is even a special database by which scientists identify these predators.

4) The shark can grind its teeth and speak with gestures, or rather with the help of special movements of the tail.

5) 9% of all shark species are viviparous. A pregnancy lasts about 10 months.

6) Young children, like sharks, are able to hear sounds of lower frequencies. But with age, this ability is lost. So the hearing of sharks is quite close to ours.

And the most unexpected fact:

7) Sharks love heavy metal, AC/DC hits in particular. This conclusion was reached by an Australian travel manager who organizes cage diving among sharks.

Only they don’t have wireless headphones to listen to their favorite songs. And if they were, then the sharks would definitely choose a cover in the form of their small copy!

The Airpods charging case has a glossy finish. And its daily use leaves its traces in the form of scratches, scuffs, stains. But this can be easily prevented.

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You can charge the headphones without removing the case from the case — there is a hole for this. Also, the cover will help hide your headphones from overly attentive eyes, now no one will definitely recognize your original or a replica of a popular brand of wireless headphones.

And now the question is: if people have a headphone case in the form of a shark, then somewhere in a parallel universe, sharks must have a case in the form of a person?


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