Perhaps there is no more versatile piece of clothing than a cotton, plain basic shirt. It goes with any occasion and works great all year round with no seasonality, perfect with any wardrobe item — from jersey jeggings to a formal pencil skirt. It is not for nothing that at one time women borrowed shirts from men and today this is one of the most sought-after items in a women’s wardrobe and never loses its relevance.

What kind of shirts are in fashion today? What to pay attention to first of all, how to wear? serenity, ANNA FREZA already done everything for you:

1. Fabric.

The traditional and most sought-after fabric for shirts is cotton.

2. Cut

The classical model is the very base in which there is no doubt.

3. Volume and length.

Oversized models and elongated straight shirts are still in trend.

4. Sleeve.

Here fashion does not limit us. You can wear our shirt with long sleeves or roll it up. The special cut of the cuff allows you to adjust its width, thereby creating comfort and wearing options.

5. How to wear?

Choosing a trendy shirt is the first step to a strong look. The second and no less important is to wear a shirt in a modern way. Of course, you can refuel carefully, but a little old-fashioned. In this case, at least the sleeves should be turned up. Increasingly, women of fashion are wearing loose-fitting shirts. Another option that is perhaps even more popular is to tuck in part of the shirt. The shirt is successfully included in stylish multilayer combinations. It can be made the top layer by wearing a top, T-shirt, T-shirt, turtleneck.


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