Today we will answer the most frequent question of our customers, what do the mysterious numbers on the rubber loops actually mean!

In fact, there is nothing mysterious either in the colors or in the numbers indicated on the elastic bands.

Why do fitness rubber bands of different colors?

Let’s start with this question, because the answer to it is actually very simple. For your comfort! So that you do not need to remember any other parameters of the rubber loop (length, width, thickness, etc.), but you can just remember the color and then come to the store and buy exactly the same loop.

Why are numbers applied to fitness rubber bands?

The first number means the resistance force of the loop when it is stretched by approximately 1.5 m, and the second number — with a similar stretch up to 3 meters.

This information allows you not only to more accurately navigate the load that you create to the muscles with this particular rubber loop (by adjusting the force of stretching), but also, again, makes it easier to select and further share the loops.

It is worth noting that any serious manufacturer of rubber loops always notes the strength of resistance of their loops on them.

And so, for example, the green loop has a resistance level of 23 kg to 57 kg. This means that by stretching the loop to approximately 1.5 meters, it will show a minimum declared resistance of 23 kg. When the loop is stretched from 2.5 to 3 meters, it will show a declared maximum resistance of 57 kg.

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