Continuing the theme of quick recipes, I want to share with you the tested sweet options that are great for both a quick breakfast and a snack for a child at school.

Apple sandwich.

Ingredients: apple, sugar, egg, toast bread (plain white bread can be used).

Apple sandwich

Cut the apple into thin slices, put on one half of toast bread, sprinkle with sugar to taste on top and cover with the second half of the bread. Roll the sandwich in the beaten egg and sugar, then fry with the multi-baker.

Sandwich with berries.

Ingredients: bread — 2 slices, berries (I had fresh strawberries and raspberries), banana, egg, sugar.

Sandwich with berries

We spread the berries on one piece of toast bread, sprinkle with sugar to taste on top, cover with a second piece of bread. Mash the banana with a fork until pureed and mix with the egg. Now you need to dip the future sandwich in the resulting mixture and fry. You can fry in two ways: either using a multi-baker, or in butter in a pan.

Lavash roll with dried fruits and nuts.

Ingredients: dates, prunes, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, almonds), raisins, honey.

Roll with dried fruits and nuts
Grind all ingredients to taste in a blender. Then we spread the resulting mass on the middle of a piece of pita bread, wrap it in an envelope. Fry in sunflower oil in a frying pan until golden brown.

Lavash roll with banana and peanut butter.

Ingredients: pita bread, peanut butter and banana.

Lavash roll with banana and peanut butter
This outrageously simple recipe is widely known in the circles of people who adhere to proper nutrition. But, as it turned out, he is also very loved by children.

Lubricate pita bread with peanut butter, put a banana on top. Delicious and easy!

Enjoy your meal!


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