— Do you have dry shampoo?
— No, it’s solid.

Confusion often occurs. Now I’ll tell you what’s what.

✔️ Dry shampoo — DOES NOT wash your hair, it masks impurities.
Usually it is a powder or spray that gives the hair a fresh look for the day. Most often in the composition of kaolin, rice flour or starch — which absorb excess sebum.

🧼 Solid shampoo is a concentrate, the same shampoo as in a bottle, only without water.
Well, I would say — it’s like a very good and expensive shampoo in a bottle.

🧼The washing base of #dorothysoap shampoos is very gentle, I use the most gentle surfactants (as in expensive facial cleansers, children’s cosmetics and intimate hygiene products) — this is very important for hair health!

🍃 Shampoo components are aimed at cleansing and health of the scalp and hair, in the composition you will find plant extracts, softening, moisturizing ingredients, vitamins and valuable vegetable oils. And you won’t find any preservatives at all!

🧼Solid shampoo is very economical —
one piece in 90 gr.
enough for 2-3 months of use.

🧼 Solid shampoo is convenient to take with you on trips and in the bath, it will not spill in luggage, it will not stain things.

🧼Hair does not need to get used to solid shampoo, this is NOT soap!

🍃🧼🍃Just choose the right type of shampoo and notice a healthy shine in your hair!


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