Well-groomed hands are the hallmark of any girl, because they are always in sight. Even if you do not cover your nails with varnish, they must be maintained in a well-groomed and neat form, regularly doing a manicure at least at home. Of course, if the nails are naturally strong and healthy, this greatly facilitates the process. But if there are any individual characteristics or problems, additional help will be required.

For example, if you have a dry cuticle, then it will be more difficult to cut it off, there is a risk of damaging the skin up to blood wounds. Also, dry cuticles quickly give the manicure an untidy look due to the appearance of burrs.

The dryness of the nail plate, in turn, deprives the nails of shine, and they look less attractive. For some, the actual problem is the brittleness and delamination of nails, which makes it difficult to grow the desired length.

All these common problems can be solved with the help of nail care products.

Company SIBERINA presents vibes for nails — These are products with a natural composition that delicately care for the nail plate and cuticles. What is the difference between fluid and nail oil?

Firstly, the fluid is a cosmetic product with a wider spectrum of action and a rich composition, it contains oils, extracts and vitamins, as well as substances useful for nails. Secondly, it has a light texture and has a more liquid consistency, which makes it more comfortable to use. You no longer have to wait for the products to be absorbed, and without the risk of leaving greasy or sticky marks on your clothes or things.

Each fluid is presented in a small dark glass bottle with a convenient dispenser — such packaging will help it preserve the properties of the product for a longer time and protect it from external influences.

Fluid for nails and cuticles «Protection and growth» contains in its composition oils of avocado, coconut, olive and cedar, as well as essential oils of geranium and lavender, which:

nourishes and restores the nail plate, increases the strength of nails;

protect from the influence of the external environment;

Intensely hydrates cuticles.

Fluid «Strengthening» for exfoliating nails consists of sea salt, vitamin E, rosehip and peach oils, essential oils of bergamot and chamomile. Such a rich composition allows:

Eliminate delamination and burrs;

Strengthen thin and brittle nails, stimulate their growth;

Nourishes the nail plate, protecting against fungal infections.

Fluid for nails «Moisturizing» enriched with hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract and aloe vera gel, as well as argan oil. Thanks to this, he:

Gives smoothness and shine to the nail plate;

Provides strength and prevents delamination;

Has bactericidal and soothing properties.

Fluid for nails «Antibacterial» rich in composition, which contains essential oils of lemon and tea tree, jojoba oil, zinc and silver citrate (the last two are natural ingredients with antimicrobial action). Its action:

neutralizes the negative effect of bacteria and fungal infections;

eliminates fragility and dryness of the nail plate;

This fluid is especially recommended for preventive use after visiting public places — swimming pools, baths, gyms, manicure and pedicure salons.

Moisturizing the cuticle and strengthening the nails, do not forget about taking care of the delicate skin of the hands. pay attention to hand creams with a natural composition from the main and hyaluronic series SIBERINA, which will help to cope with dryness, peeling and restore softness to the skin.

Hand cream «Rejuvenating» perfect for mature skin. With age, the natural production of collagen decreases — as a result, the skin of the hands, as the most susceptible to negative influences, begins to suffer. Natural oils of almond, cumin, as well as rose essential oil can slow down cell aging, have a softening and smoothing effect.

Moisturizing hyaluronic cream for hands and feet against cracks, dryness and flaking comes out in the brand’s new series of the same name — hyaluronic. It contains, of course, not only this important acid, which is necessary for high-quality skin hydration, but also shea and coconut oils, which smooth, nourish and heal the skin, and mint extract — it gives a feeling of pleasant coolness.

Hyaluronic cream «Moisturizing, elasticity and smoothness of the skin» — another product from the brand’s hyaluronic series, which will provide maximum hydration on all epidermal layers and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

By the way, the product is universal, so it can be safely used not only for hands, but also for the whole body. Thanks to the large volume — 150 ml — you will definitely have enough for a long time!

Choose natural products for the care of nails and delicate skin of the hands. Regular care and attention will help your hands look young, well-groomed and attractive at any age!


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