The New Year is already close, and we again have a bunch of cases that need to be redone for sure this year; rush at work; the older one has final control tests, and the younger one has a Christmas tree and you must definitely buy / sew a snowflake costume and learn 3 poems.

And so it turns out that we reach the most important night of the year in soap: it seems that we have done everything and managed, but there is no feeling of a holiday.

Let’s try to find 5 — 10 minutes (or maybe all half an hour or even an hour) in each of these remaining 15 days and do something small, small, but capable of creating that very magical mood that again makes us little children, believing into a miracle 🙂

check list

Here are our recipes for happiness:

  1. Roll in the snow and make a snow angel.
  2. Every evening, light candles with New Year’s smells, but you can do without them 🙂
  3. Bake a mountain of homemade cookies and treat them to all your friends — a security guard, a teacher, colleagues, neighbors and a kindergarten teacher.
  4. Make a snowman with the children or just pick up hands full of fluffy snow and throw it up.
  5. Put many, many tangerines on a beautiful plate and eat them one at a time every day, and if you get carried away and eat everything at once, then it’s okay 🙂
  6. Cut out snowflakes and glue them on the windows.
  7. Prepare gifts in advance — and so that there is no hassle, order them all through online store 😂 (we’re not hinting at anything).
  8. Buy New Year’s cards and send them by regular mail.
  9. Read winter stories to children every evening.
  10. Boil cocoa.

What ideas do you have? 😉 Please share! Let’s get in the holiday spirit together!


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