The recipe for the right lighting for a child’s room is not complicated, but it is very important. With the right light, it is easy to create a mood, add zest through forms and themes, add coziness and comfort to the interior.

7! basic rules when planning lighting in a children’s room

  • Lighting must be functional. As a rule, a children’s room includes three zones: play, work and for a relaxing holiday. Each zone should have its own type of lighting.
    So, for the working and playing part, it is best to stop at the ceiling version of the lighting, additionally providing for the desktop version. But for a relaxing holiday, choose wall lamps or sconces.
  • Choose practical models that do not take up much space.
    Since all children are very fond of playing active games not only on the street, but also at home, there is a possibility of damage to the luminary and injury to the child. For example, accidentally hit with a ball, hit with a jump rope, throw a pillow. Why do you and I need unnecessary trouble?
  • Consider the height of the ceilings and the size of the space. Agree, hanging models of lamps in small rooms with low ceilings will look ridiculous. The ceiling option, due to its fit to the ceiling, visually adds more space to the room.
  • The light should match the style of the interior of the children’s room. Harmony in the home and soul begins with small things.
  • Stick to the rule that children’s rooms should be well lit. Remember that each of the zones in the room implies its own required level of light intensity. Too dim lighting can lead to vision problems in a child.
  • Opt for LED lightsso they have a lower heating temperature, unlike conventional incandescent lamps, which, of course, indicates its safety for the child.
  • Fill the interior of the nursery with eco-friendly items. Despite their safety, unlike glass, plastic appliances are not the best option for decorating a child’s room. Since it can be toxic and in the process of use it can begin to release formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Therefore, a more environmentally friendly choice would be towards metal shades / bases.

Adhering to the above tips, it will not be difficult to decide on the choice of a lighting device. Despite the fact that the manufacturer of chandeliers PETRASVET already has a suitable option for you that meets all the above recommendations.

Choosing a ceiling chandelier for a children’s room from the Russian manufacturer PETRASVET you get:

  1. relevant for children’s design in the form of the space planet Saturn;
  2. the safety of used materials confirmed by quality certificates from Russian and Italian manufacturers;
  3. 7 year quality assurance! from a domestic manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience;
  4. additional savings in the family budget, by saving on the cost of electricity bills;
  5. opportunity to develop the child’s curiosity. After all, now you have to tell what kind of interesting thing is hanging on the ceiling? Agree, an extra topic for a conversation with an observant child is much more interesting than a sofa, TV, telephone …

What are the advantages of the Saturn ceiling chandelier from the Russian manufacturer PETRASVET? Specifications.

Ceiling chandelier for children’s room lighting Saturn is a 1.5mm thick round metal sheet covered with high-precision UV full color starry sky printing.

  • Lighting area. The ceiling chandelier is designed as a source of lighting for rooms measuring 15-25 sq.m. depending on the power of LED bulbs with E14 base.
  • Simple and convenient fastening. The chandelier is mounted with a standard 12 cm ceiling strip with two self-tapping screws to any type of ceiling, and then fixed with a decorative nut. For fastening to a stretch ceiling, you need a plastic disk, which you must prepare when installing a stretch ceiling.
  • Provided two-phase switchingallows you to adjust the light intensity from less bright to brighter.
  • Compactness. The length of the lamp is 54 cm, width 33 cm, height without bulbs 9.5 cm, which is enough to illuminate the declared area.
  • Due to the powder coating of the metal base, it increases strength, durability and wear resistance of the product.
  • For lighting in modern apartments there is grounding.
  • The chandelier is packed in dense cardboard box, and inside in a plastic bag, which protects it from damage during transportation.
  • Among other things, the set includes description scheme for connecting a chandelier and the passport with specifications. Please note that LED bulbs/cartridges not included.

Children love to fantasize and compose amazing stories, and today, thanks to the Russian manufacturer of chandeliers PETRASVET, you have a unique opportunity to give a child a small piece of a huge space!


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