Now anyone can become a video blogger just by picking up a phone. A couple of minutes to shoot, a little editing, uploading to YouTube, and now your video on the network collects likes and comments. It’s easy to get started, but growing as a blogger takes more than a smartphone. For example, a 12 in 1 blogger set from AIRON.

small intro

It all started with the fall of my phone while recording another video. The thought “stop tolerating this!” flashed through my head, and my hands began to search Google for a tripod for the phone. The search for a tripod led me to action cameras, and later to AIRON’s blogger kit.

Thoughts that it’s time to shoot video on camera, I visited me before, but now they seemed to me an obvious truth. The set ended up in the basket and the very next day I started unpacking.

The highlight of the program is the camera
First of all, this is the AIRON ProCam 7 Touch action camera. Recording video in pathetic 4K and Slow motion (120 and 240 FPS, but with low video resolution) did not interest me. More important for me as a blogger was 1440p resolution. A couple of minutes to set up the lighting, the camera itself and you’re done!

I shot several videos at lower 1080p resolutions, all for 60 FPS, which is not available at 1440p resolution on this camera. In addition to smooth motion, 60 frames per second is ideal for creating a slow-motion effect during editing. Any jump on a scooter or bicycle can be made more juicy and detailed. This was especially appreciated by my friend, who films his sports training.

What’s inside the 12 in 1 set?

We continue to disassemble all 12 parts of the set. By itself, the action camera is useless without a battery, of which there are as many as 2 pieces in the set — 1050 mAh and 1350 mAh. This is about 3 hours of shooting, but you can go tricky and charge one battery while using the other. This way you will have an infinite charge of the camera — magic!

Another magical thing is the protective box, the second skin of your action camera. It protects the fragile body from bumps, scratches and submersion under water to a depth of 40m. I handle the equipment as carefully as possible, but it will never be superfluous to have an additional safety net.

The biggest thing in the kit is the case — a small bag for the camera, batteries, wires (USB Type-C and a lavalier microphone are also included in the kit) and the main mounts, which are discussed below.

6 mounts and tripod

There is only one tripod here — 30 cm, flexible — and there are as many as 6 mounts:

• Fastening frame. It will help to fix the camera on a tripod or monopod with the appropriate connector. I didn’t have one, but my sister installed an action camera on her selfie stick in less than a minute.
• Mount curved in the form of the letter J. Allows you to install an action camera, for example, on the chest using a special mount. I don’t have anywhere to use it yet, but I plan to expand my collection of accessories in the future.
• Helmet mounts (2 pcs) and 3M tape (2 pcs). The manufacturer indicated that this is for mounting on a helmet, but in practice, thanks to double-sided tape, you can attach the camera to almost any surface.

Who needs a 12 in 1 blogger kit?

This is individual for everyone, but personally, when shooting a video not on a phone, but on an action camera mounted on a tripod or any other mount, I feel like a real video blogger, I feel the development of my hobby into something more.


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