Today I would like to touch on the topic of order in the house. In stores and on the Internet, there are a lot of different boxes, wardrobe trunk organizers and other products that allow you not only to save free space, but also to extend the life of your things. Covers for clothes are very demanded in our time. A huge variety of colors, sizes and materials makes it difficult for many people to choose a purchase. What should you look at first?

To save space in your closet, first consider what size slipcovers you need. It depends on the type of things and the vertical space of the wardrobe. First of all, the wardrobe trunk should hang freely, it is desirable that the length of such a clothes organizer be no more than 20-30 cm longer than the thing. the cover is 150 cm long, it will not only not save space, but will also take on an untidy look of a crumpled bag.

The material of manufacture is of great importance. First of all, the cover should be dense, easy to clean and durable, so that next season you do not have to purchase a new set. In addition, the material must «breathe», it is especially important to take this into account when storing fur coats. The well-known PVC material is not suitable for this. It is no secret that many synthetic materials can adversely affect health, releasing harmful substances at a certain temperature and leaving their particles on clothing. The only material that combines all these properties is a polymer, and not an ordinary one, but one that can be used in Food Industry. This is the latest, high-quality canvas, which is an environmentally friendly polymer, suitable for storing allergy sufferers and children’s clothes.

It is from this material that our covers are made. We have tried to make them for you as high quality, safe and convenient as possible. A variety of sizes and designs will make it easy to put things in order in any wardrobe.


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