With insufficient care, under the influence of external factors, the enamel weakens and loses its protective function, caries forms in the weakened areas. This process is called enamel demineralization.

Signs of demineralization you need to know

Teeth respond to temperature changes

teeth react to hard, sweet, sour foods

Enamel has lost its healthy shine

areas of a different shade appeared on the teeth

How to take care of tooth enamel and preserve its protective properties?

The good news is that you can take care of enamel at home without too much difficulty. An effective and proven REDAMENT gel product has a triple action.

Remineralizing gel strengthens enamel, reduces the risk of caries and levels tooth sensitivity.

The gel can be used as an independent tool and applied with a toothbrush, or together with a thermoplastic cap, enhancing its effect. The cap is included. The gel is easy to handle and does not require rinsing.
Give your teeth 5-10 minutes for 10 days and feel the difference. You will forget about unpleasant sensations, you will no longer worry about the temperature of drinks and food, trips to the dentist will become less frequent, because your teeth will be under reliable protection.

Give your teeth back their natural strength! It’s so easy with REDAMENT Remineralizing Gel.


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