One of our friends, Evgeniya, complained that the guy didn’t even notice playful panties with access and a pearl in the most piquant place. The frustrated girl summed up a disappointing result — no matter what kind of underwear is worn in an intimate moment, the main thing for men is to get rid of it as soon as possible, moving on to the process.

We decided to dispel this myth! Firstly, if the panties did not fit one man, then this does not mean that everyone does not notice. Secondly, perhaps the man noticed, but did not express delight due to natural restraint. And thirdly, your personal presentation is of great importance!

There are many real connoisseurs among men who not only turn on at the sight of beautiful lingerie, but also form a general idea of ​​a woman with whom they plan to spend a pleasant evening, and maybe the rest of their lives.

So what can a man count in your panties at that very moment?

Lace panties, ruffled panties

The first intimacy for a woman is very important. She gives herself to a man, and beautiful underwear acts as a beautiful gift wrapping. Lace panties are very feminine and when choosing such underwear, the girl signals that she is turned on by masculinity and his control over the process. an observant man instantly reads the message and skillfully uses the tricks that no melodrama can do without: candles, quiet music, champagne, careful stroking and pressing against the wall.

small thong

Sexy thong panties, which consist of a small piece of fabric and ropes, are chosen by confident and uninhibited girls. This means that with it you can move on to bold experiments and unusual positions.

Panties with access to intimate places

If a girl puts them on for the first intimate date, then the man expects that he has a passionate nature in front of him, for which there are no restrictions. She loves to play, experiment, try new things. Such panties are designed to tease and achieve euphoria in any conditions — after all, you don’t need to think long with them, access is open.

Classic cotton slips

A girl in classic panties seems to be a little demanding to her partner. excesses, intricate ruffles and the finest lace are not important to her. She is confident in her irresistibility in ordinary cotton slips. The choice of such panties for the first intimate meeting suggests that the girl is comfortable with a man and she is ready to demonstrate her own weaknesses. A girl in such panties for the first intimate meeting is like a girl without makeup. A man regards such a choice as a hint of a feminine hint that everything should be simple, especially at first, so sophisticated poses are postponed for later.

retro panties

High-waisted or high-waisted briefs are not synonymous with grandma’s knickers, so don’t neglect them. These panties emphasize the buttocks and waist — a woman looks especially juicy in them. Making such a choice, the girl clearly intended to impress the man with her forms. A man regards this as a feeling of power through weakness, which means they will start with a simple one, and then how it goes.

Panties with slogans or prints

Choosing them, the girl wants to surprise, make laugh or force a man to something more spicy, which is what a valuable indication on her shorts asks for. Perhaps a man would never have dared to offer himself, but here is a request and a subtle hint, for example, of a spanking. It is easy, relaxed with such a girl, because only one inscription melted the ice. She is one of those who are used to solving any difficult or awkward situations with humor.

Try, experiment, turn your sex life into an adventure acceptable to both partners. Spices decide a lot in a dish, if they are skillfully combined and replaced, it will not get bored, even if it is served every day.


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