Today we often meet people who wear a red thread on their wrist. Most often today these are threads with symbols of the Eastern Buddhist persuasion, with hieroglyphs “for good luck”, or simply wish bracelets that are not loaded with meaning, which hardly claim to be an esoteric dimension and are more of a marketing nature, like valentines invented by postcard sellers.

The red thread on the wrist was brought into fashion by Hollywood stars and figures of Western pop culture in the wake of interest in Kabbalistic teachings. The trend was quickly adopted by domestic media faces, and then it spread among ordinary people. Someone gives it a mystical meaning, someone perceives it purely aesthetically.

Why does the monastery make red threads?

Our workshop responded to this challenge of the time in a Christian way. And here it is required to clarify what «Christian» means.

From the first centuries of Christianity, the young religion adapted and absorbed the symbols, language, and holidays of its pagan contemporaries. Many events are not literal, but symbolic. And therefore, it was important for the first Christians what meaning these or those holidays or images are endowed with. For example, there was no Christmas on the first of January, but there was a holiday of the birth of the invincible sun god among the Romans. The Church did not cancel it, but said that it was the Birth of the Sun of Truth — Christ. The Transfiguration was in the spring, but we celebrate it in August in order to displace the pagan cult of worshiping the gods and making sacrifices to them for a good harvest. And the image of the god Hermes with a sheep on his shoulders is used by Christians to create the image of the good Shepherd from the gospel parable. There are quite a few such examples.

In the language of the symbol

There are state symbols, for example, the flag, which is a pole and a canvas on it, moreover, correctly located. Individually, they are not symbols. The flag pole is only a pole, not much different from a stalk for garden tools. A canvas with certain images hung on it gives it meaning and makes it one of the two main state symbols, which is protected by the Constitution.

In the same way, our jewelry workshop, being a monastery, gives meaning and depth to this attribute, which seems to be far from Christianity. Placing on this thread not just Christian, but Christological symbols, we invite our brothers and sisters to designate themselves with this “flag” and without hesitation indicate one more of their citizenship — the Kingdom of Christ. At least, a feasible desire for it.

The power of the red thread

Critics say that the red thread itself has «power», which means that it is a priori impure.

This can be objected with the words of the Apostle Paul: «There is an idol in the world — nothing.» This means that there is no power in the thread as such, and belief in the opposite is belief in magic.

That is why in the assortment of our workshop you will find bracelets with a thread of different colors indicated in the catalog.


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