Has it ever happened to you that your hand reached for the deck itself, although you did not plan to buy it? Or did some deck lie idle for a long time, and then called and overwhelmed with generous answers? Or, perhaps, among your entire rich collection there is a clear favorite who has opened all her cards in front of you, you quickly found a common language with her and became partners who can handle any deal.

It’s completely normal to have favorites among divination decks; moreover, your choice of pet may reveal something about yourself.

If your favorite is the Waite tarot

Perhaps the most popular tarot deck design was designed by Arthur Edward Waite, a famous scholar of Freemasonry, Kabbalah and mystical teachings. The first publisher of the deck was William Rider, so you can find the name «Tarot Rider-Waite.»

Often it is the Waite Tarot that becomes the first deck of a beginner practitioner; ideal for «academic» interpretations. If you have elevated it to the rank of your favorite, this indicates how much you appreciate the classics. Good old traditions are not alien to you, you will rather protect them, and not shake them. You are more of a law-abiding person than a chaotic one, a system and a clear understanding of how it works is important to you. In any process, you see a multi-stage development, you are unlikely to take on a new business with your bare hands, first master the theory and only then start practicing. At the beginning of a new activity for yourself, you rarely allow yourself to experiment. In general, in life you strive to do everything right, therefore you often take on all the main tasks, refusing to work in a team or delegating important things with great reluctance. The energies of teaching and mentoring are close to you, but you can get stuck in conservatism and try to fit new trends into familiar mechanisms.

Start your exploration of the world of tarot or expand your collection of cards with our classic 1910 Universal Divination Cards by Rider Waite. There are 78 cards in the deck for divination and divination (22 major and 56 minor arcana). In the kit you will find: a bag for storing cards, an instruction book with a detailed interpretation and description of the meaning of the cards and layouts in Russian. There are 2 types of decks available. The decks are perfect for both beginners and already practicing tarot readers. Our cards have a size of 6:11 cm, which makes them very convenient to use.

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