What does your homewear say about you?

We take seriously the choice of casual clothes or formal events, while at home we can afford to wear frankly unkempt things. What do you wear after work? Stretched T-shirt? A bathrobe with an old stain? Faded leggings with dangling knees? Meanwhile, the attitude towards oneself is manifested precisely behind closed doors …

Beautiful and at the same time comfortable home clothes are a matter of self-respect and high self-esteem. If, passing by a mirror, you try to look away from a shapeless figure in an old bathrobe and worn-out slippers, this will definitely not give you confidence.

You give a revolution of home images!

If this situation does not suit you, it’s time to update your home clothes. A home wardrobe can include various basic elements — bathrobes, pajamas, tunics, dresses and much more, but perhaps the most indispensable and versatile option is a two-piece suit.

A real favorite among buyers of the SveText brand can undoubtedly be considered a set with the image of cute cacti. Products with short shorts and a loose T-shirt conquer with catchy colors at first sight. Despite the playful print, the costume does not make its owner infantile, but, on the contrary, makes her look sexy and playful.

The beauty of this outfit is its versatility. Comfortable cut and non-staining colors allow you to do absolutely any business — play with children, relax, play sports, perform household chores and even sleep. This is also facilitated by the natural composition (100% cotton, cooler), thanks to which you will always feel comfortable.

A full size grid (from 44 to 58 sizes) makes the suit affordable for every fashionista, with any features of the figure.


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