We present you harmful tips for working with wood oil 👹:

Grind with a fine grain, preferably P1000, and if you find P5000, take it without hesitation! 🤩 Then fine sanding dust will properly close the pores of the wood ⛔

Pour a canister of oil onto the surface to be treated 🌊 Then there are two options: either remove everything without residue within a minute — the oil has not yet soaked the wood and you do not need to wait for drying 👍, or forget it for a few days — the product will turn out sticky, but shiny!

✨ But seriously, it’s not for nothing that we pay attention to compliance with the technology 🤓 — getting acquainted with the instructions takes only a few minutes, and at the same time provides you with pleasure from the work process and an ideal result for a long time! 😊


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