If you are told that silver protects against viruses, do not rush to get jewelry out of the box. Ultra-fine particles of Argitos silver, dissolved in a liquid medium, are resistant to bacteria and viruses for a long time. Several thousand atoms of this metal, combined into small crystals, have incredible activity against microorganisms: they are able to fight 650 types of bacteria, destroying their cell walls, and destroy various viruses.

Argitos silver nanoparticles, having a powerful protective function, are absolutely safe for people, animals and the environment. This is possible thanks to the delicate method of «green chemistry» based on nanotechnology. Numerous tests and trials have allowed Ginko to create an effective line of products with a wide range of activities for professionals in the beauty community. The products are colorless and odorless, not felt on the skin, hypoallergenic. The composition does not contain chlorine and other hazardous components, so when using it there is no need to wear a mask and gloves. The composition is so safe that it does not have a destructive effect on materials, whether it be fabric or steel scissors.

Hairdressers will appreciate the effectiveness of the hair treatment spray, which can be used during the haircut. The tool creates the effect of freshness, prevents overdrying of the scalp, activates hair growth. Using the product allows you to create a screen on the hair that protects the hair without weighing it down. At home, the product is recommended to be applied to the scalp before going out.

Spray for disinfection of brushes and brushes is safe for all types of materials, does not soften the bristles and does not affect the integrity of the coating, whether it is ceramic, plastic or paint. The product is applied to the entire surface and does not require rinsing.

In salons, nail studios, beauty parlors, where it is especially important to keep a sterile instrument, it will be important to use a spray to disinfect instruments and hairdressing scissors. The composition does not damage the cutting edge, prevents the appearance of rust and corrosion. Does not create a sticky layer and a film that adversely affects the driving mechanism of the tool. During use, there is no need to wear a mask and gloves to protect the respiratory tract and skin.

Magic wand for cosmetologists, browists, tattooists and depilators antibacterial spray for the skin. Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, suppresses pathogenic microflora. The product is colorless and odorless, does not create a sticky effect and is not felt on the skin.

The difficult epidemiological situation obliges the owners of beauty salons, nail bars, tattoo studios, spa salons to disinfect the premises, treat surfaces and clean the air conditioning systems. Products created specifically for these procedures have a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity, but are colorless and odorless. The room air disinfection spray can be used directly around the workplace or applied to an air conditioner filter. The product is also suitable for automotive air filtration systems. Spray for disinfection of working surfaces can be applied to any materials, including fabrics. All products in the line are hypoallergenic and do not require rinsing.

In the era of viruses, epidemiologists recommend frequent hand washing and wearing gloves as a preventive measure. Ginko offers an effective super-measure — a nano-glove created on the basis of nano-silver. An indispensable product in any place and in any situation, it allows you to disinfect the skin of your hands in 20 seconds and retains the antimicrobial effect for up to 8 hours or until the first wash. Does not leave a feeling of stickiness and greasy, promotes rapid healing of wounds and microcracks. The oils of lavender and rosemary contained in the composition nourish, moisturize, increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin of the hands.


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