Too big, too small, too fat, too thin — each of us has our own list of «too». It’s good that now there are many means with which you can enjoy any size. We tell you how to do it.

What if it’s too big?

  1. Stretch the foreplay — the stronger the excitement, the more elastic the tissues and the more pleasant the penetration will be.
  2. Add lubricant. Natural lubrication may not be enough, so feel free to use special water-based products. They will improve glide and protect both of you from chafing.
  • Choose poses in which it is easy to control the depth and speed of penetration. “Spoons” and “rider” are best suited.
  • Put an erection ring on it. It will act as a limiter and at the same time help a woman relax due to a delicate additional massage.
  • What if it’s too small?

    1. Get magnifiers. Realistic ones will give the most natural sensations, and embossed ones will enhance the climax.
  • If there is not enough volume, try narrowing creams. They will increase the pleasure for both partners.
  • Experiment with poses — the wider the legs are apart, the deeper the penetration. Knee-elbow, «sandwich», missionary and a position in which a woman throws her legs around her partner’s neck are ideal for deep contact.
  • Follow these tips and you will forget about discomfort and dissatisfaction.


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