It is not uncommon for a new pair of shoes to bring such «surprises». After the first, and sometimes the second use, the shoes strongly stain socks and tights, which are then not so easy to wash off. In this article, we will talk about several ways that will help get rid of this problem.

Let’s figure it out: why do shoes paint at all? 🎨

If staining occurs partially, then this can be considered the norm.

  • This happens because natural shoe manufacturers sew in a leather insert from the inside. Thanks to them, the shoes do not slip and do not rub when walking. However, moisture (sweat, rain) that has fallen on this area leads to staining.
  • Due to frequent wear, shoes «like a person» get tired and collect a lot of moisture. It is advisable to give your beloved couple a well-deserved rest every 5 days.
  • Due to increased sweating of the feet and the presence of moisture

What to do? 🤔

  • Walk along the inside with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, vodka or vinegar.
  • Treat the inside of your shoes and dry them well.
  • Another option is to rub talc, starch, or baby powder into areas that stain your socks.
  • You can go inside with hairspray and let the shoes dry
  • The easiest way is to wear new shoes with old socks for a while.

❗️Important advice — do not wear shoes and prevent excessive moisture from getting in ❗️

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