Attention to detail.

Quality products of any kind should have even seams, there should be no protruding threads, the material should be proper. These are the highlights. It would seem that these are obvious things. The manufacturer must think so, must do so. But how often does this end up happening? We have yes. And now we are talking about our blackout curtains.

Color palette.

The key to a comfortable, stylish and uncomplicated design of a room’s decor is curtains in a neutral, calm color. For example, coffee, silver or beige. Curtains and curtains for the room from this color scheme, we provide you with a choice.

Real product photos.

Many firms, sellers buy beautiful photos from people for their goods, correct real photos, edit them. You may not expect this from us, because one of the main canons of our company is honesty. If we indicated the properties of the product in the description to it, if we demonstrated a certain characteristic with the help of a photo of a first-class photographer who conveys all the details with detailed accuracy, then this is exactly the product you will receive. That is, the product, the description of which you read, the product that you saw on professional photos and videos.

Value for money.

The price of good, high-quality, thick curtains is quite high. Fact? Fact. The reason: quality material, proper processing and fine work of seamstresses. If you hang curtains from the mass market and from a textile store at home, then with a high probability you will like the latter more. Because it will look beautiful and expensive. And it will please not only your eyes, but also the eyes of your guests.

Moreover, it is better to buy high-quality curtains that do not require special care once, every week to buy those that were lower in price and suffer with the choice of fabric, size, color, shade, comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of certain «brands».

Fabric structure.

“Is the composition of the fabric important? It’s just curtains! I think the idea is familiar to many.

Compare curtains with a sweater: does a sweater made of quality fabric last longer? Stay beautiful longer? Does it look «expensive»? Yes. And the same with curtains. Otherwise, there would be no difference between the curtains. Some people wouldn’t change people every six months, and some wouldn’t change a few, if not more.

Convenience of care.

Curtains are hard to wash. Objectively. But: it is thanks to a good, high-quality fabric that the curtains become less dirty, and keep their shape better, and dry faster if they need to be washed. Yes, and taking care of blackout curtains, curtains for the living room, curtains for the room is easier — they can even be gently wiped.

Real reviews with photos and answers to questions about the product.

Often people go to the comments on the product and read the reviews, look at the comments on the reviews. Of course, this is logical — so you see what people are coming. I myself always do this. We do it. That’s why we always welcome feedback on our blackout curtains for the room, blackout curtains for the kitchen, because this is how we become better, and you also help other people to confirm everything that we say.

We are talking about such a platform as Wildberries, the advantage of which is the ability to leave both a review of the product and a review with a photo. Be careful and always look at the dates of product reviews, as this will give you an idea about the quality of the current batch of blackout curtains.


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