Your baby is 4-5 months old. He is not yet sitting on his own, but he is already insistently demanding to place him vertically everywhere so that the world around can be seen! Well, or at least half-lying! And mom’s hands are the best of all this day! But what to do when mom is tired and wants some time to shine for herself and just relax?

Your baby has grown up, he is 5-8 months old, he already knows how to sit down or sits on his own. Already almost completely confident, only occasionally collapses on its side. Grandmother said that he needed to put pillows around him so that he could sit comfortably and play on his own. But it seems to you somehow out of date and uncomfortable — to bury a child in pillows! He will scatter them and still collapse.

Your baby is already quite an adult! He is 9-14 months old. He is actively exploring the world around him, gradually learning to walk and play on his own. The floor in the children’s room is his element, there are many different toys and even picture books. But the windows in the house are open, the floor is often cool, but just a baby rug does not save you from a cold, and it’s uncomfortable to sit on it for a long time, there’s nothing to lean on.

Your little one is 1.5-2.5 years old. He already watches cartoons. And you can’t keep him on the couch, he always strives to sit on the floor!

Familiar illustrations from life?!)

Do you know what will help you and come in handy in each of these situations? Children’s sofa BabySofa! It is specially designed for babies aged 4 months to 3 years and their parents.

The sofa is soft, bright, pleasant to the touch, and at the same time reliably supports the baby from all sides and prevents very young explorers from turning over. It can accommodate the baby reclining, if he has not yet mastered sitting down and sitting. Also sitting. And even on horseback without passing the legs for very adult little ones.

The sofa will become a convenient device not only in the children’s room, but also when traveling, in nature, in a country house, on the beach, on the floor, on the table, on the sofa, on the bed — anywhere!

You can lie, sit, eat, sleep in it, and of course it is very comfortable to play in it!

There are two loops in front of the sofa, you can attach hanging toys, books on strings, teethers and any toys that are interesting to the baby in them, and they will not get lost, which means the baby will be passionate about the game, and mom will be able to rest a little longer than usual.

And our sofa is an interesting and bright toy in itself — because it is made in the form of six different animals. Little kids enjoy playing with them. Sometimes feeding a baby from our sofa is much easier for parents and more exciting for the baby than a traditional highchair.

Our sofa loves washing and tolerates it perfectly. You can not be afraid to get it dirty at all and calmly feed the child in it. When the sofa is dirty, you put it entirely in the drum of a conventional washing machine, select the mode no more than 30 degrees Celsius and spin 1000 rpm. And, wow! You will get almost dry and the same bright and new sofa as on the first day! It remains only to dry it for a couple of hours, and it is ready for use.

The sofa is made of hypoallergenic materials that are safe for children. It is wear-resistant, does not fade or lose its shape. So, it will serve its little owner for a long time.


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