The topic of early childhood development is very relevant for parents — educational games and techniques are very popular. One of the most famous «developers» for kids was the business board. We will tell you what kind of toy it is, what is its use, who invented the business board and how to choose it correctly. These are elements that arouse the interest of the baby, but he is not allowed to play with them for safety reasons. What is usually located on the base of the toy:

  • locks;
  • bolts;
  • hooks;
  • bolts;
  • dials;
  • gears;
  • clock-calendar;

    The business board allows the child to safely satisfy the cognitive interest and develop useful skills along the way. «Smart» toy develops:

    • Fine motor skills and speech. It is known that fine motor skills are directly related to the development of speech. The more the baby makes precise coordinated movements with the hands and fingers, the more actively the brain centers responsible for the formation of speech develop. Busyboard in this regard is one of the most useful toys. It contains many details that involve fine motor skills.
    • cognitive interest. The toy stimulates the interest of the baby, encourages active action, which is important for development.
    • Logic. Each element contributes to the development of logical thinking to one degree or another. Especially labyrinths, gears, various windows with pictures.
    • The ability to concentrate. It is difficult for kids under 3-4 years old to finish what they started and generally sit in one place for a long time. To fully explore the developmental board, you need enough time, which means patience and concentration. The business board occupies a fidget for a long time — because there are so many interesting moving parts on it that you must definitely touch and study!
    • Coordination. To open some bolts and hooks, you need to perform coordinated clear movements, which favorably affects coordination.

    Among other things, a business board is a means for developing sensory perception. «Smart» toy introduces the child to the outside world, gives an idea of ​​the properties and qualities of different objects

At what age to buy a baby board for a baby depends on its individual characteristics, the pace of development. The developmental board will be useful for the child when he is already sitting confidently, showing interest in the household items around him — reaches for the switch, buttons for household appliances, zippers on his mother’s bag. The optimal time to purchase a business board can be called the age from 7-8 months to 3-4 years. In general, the toy does not have strict age restrictions — you can play with it until school itself, training useful everyday skills.


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