With the birth of a child comes to the house happiness, and newly-made parents try to keep in memory all the good things that are associated with their baby. The very first data about the miracle that appeared is no exception: height, weight, time and date of his birth. Gradually, everyday worries crowd out these wonderful moments from memory, and one wants to keep them in memory for life. And children’s metrics can help with this. Nowadays, there are several options for metrics:

• embroidered metric;

• night light with metric;

• metric with photo frame.

The latter option has recently been actively used. Children’s photo frame-metric is a special souvenir! This stylish interior decoration contains all the most important information about the birth of a baby. Happy parents and relatives who know each other as a gift to mom in honor of a memorable event often want to buy it.

From birth, children are given toys, rattles, adorable sets of small clothes and much more. How to find one in a series of familiar gifts for kids that will be remembered by the parents of the little one and the baby will like it? Metric photo frame is aboutA great gift for Birth, Christening and subsequent family holidays.

As a rule, photometrics are named. But in our store GooGooscha you will find a photo frame-metric Mom’s Pie in its universal version for boys and girls — Son and Daughter!

The photo frame consists of 3 photos 10*15 cm in size — 2 vertical orientations and 1 horizontal. Complemented with pendants with the main data: height (figure in the form of a dress and a rocket, for girls and boys respectively), weight (figure in the form of a kettlebell), time of birth (figurine in the form of an alarm clock) and date of birth (figurine in the form of a cloud). You just need to frame your photos, enter the data into the metrics, tie the ribbons beautifully — and here it is, your unique souvenir and gift is ready!


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