It would seem that the cuticle is “extra skin” around the nail, and it is completely useless for us and that care is not at all important for it? However, we hasten to convince you that the cuticle is an important element in the structure of the nail. That is why careful, gentle cuticle care with the help of proven products is an important component of healthy nails. Let’s figure it out!

The cuticle protects the newly formed layer of keratin, which is not yet strong enough. Well, as you know, our nails are made up of this very keratin. That is why cuticle care is the key to healthy nail plates.

And what happens if the cuticle is not in order? Will not be well-groomed?

If the cuticle adheres tightly to the nail and perfectly protects it, then the nails grow even, healthy and shiny. But, as soon as the cuticle ceases to cope with its tasks, grooves, various inclusions immediately appear on the nails, and the cuticle looks torn and inflamed.

The cuticle has several characteristics. One part of it is alive — it is she who protects the nail, and the other is dead, it is from the dead part of the cuticle and you need to get rid of it so that it does not grow to the nail.

But how to do that?

Velganza Cuticle Oil Pencil is just perfect.

I would like to note right away that the pencil is intended for careful care of the cuticle — it is impossible to remove it completely and forever. Since the cuticle grows constantly, and this is necessary for the health of your nails. Our cuticle remover pen acts gently on the skin around the nail, thereby moisturizing and nourishing it with nutrients. And with proper use, the pencil slows down the growth of the cuticle, thereby making care even more pleasant.

Using our pencil is very easy!

Apply oil from the pencil to the cuticle, wait, and when the cuticle softens, it must be moved away from the nail with a plate or cover of the pencil. In addition, a cuticle oil pencil can be used after cutting the cuticles with a file. Pencil, moisturizing the cuticle, makes it healthy. A healthy cuticle will keep your nails healthy.

What else can our pencil be used for??

  • Nail care to saturate with nutrients.
  • Moisturizing nails and cuticles.
  • Prevention of burrs.
  • Cuticle protection from drying out.
  • Prevention of nail delamination

We are certainly waiting for you in the ranks of our Customers! With our nail care cosmetics, you can get perfect nails without much effort..



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