Essential and base oils rightfully take pride of place on the shelves with cosmetics, because thanks to their rich natural composition, they have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. Each oil is special, it is saturated with healthy fats, acids and vitamins.

Some oils can be used as an independent product, some can be conveniently mixed with each other or with other products, and there is also a variant of a ready-made cosmetic product, where the combination of all components is precisely verified and selected by professionals. Facial oil concentrate from SIBERINA — just such a product: it organically combines base and essential oils, as well as natural extracts.

What are the benefits of this product?

a unique composition in which each component is not accidental, but benefits your skin

Compact packaging made of dark glass (protects the product from sunlight) with a dispenser (easy storage, you can take it with you)

Easy application — just spread over the face and let it absorb

dry oil consistency — absorbs quickly, does not clog pores, no oiliness or stickiness

Free from SLS, parabens, preservatives and dyes

Another important advantage is versatility. Oil concentrates from SIBERINA are suitable for both face and neck skin care and hair care. For the face, it is enough to apply a few drops to the skin and distribute with massage movements, wait for complete absorption. For hair, you can apply oil to split ends to repair them.

Our oil concentrates are intensive nourishment and skin care. We present several varieties for different skin types and needs.

Facial Oil Concentrate “Rejuvenating” has an anti-aging effect, it moisturizes and saturates the skin with useful substances.

In the composition of sesame oil, amaranth and argan oil, hazelnut oil — they soften the skin, remove toxins and tone up. Rosewood essential oil enhances the protective functions of the skin and eliminates unnecessary rashes on the face. Nettle and walnut extracts restore elasticity.

Facial Oil Concentrate “Deep Hydration” eliminates dry skin, solves the problem of dehydration and improves tone.

Avocado oil soothes and transforms dry, tired skin, helps in the fight against peeling. Grape seed and peach oils restore elasticity, relieve irritation and inflammation, and have a softening effect. As part of vitamin E, extracts of aloe vera and echinacea, which restore lipid balance and enhance the immune capacity of the skin.

Radiance effect face oil concentrate it is not for nothing that they are called so, they are designed to return even the most dull and tired skin to a radiant and healthy look!

Sea buckthorn and avocado oils have moisturizing, soothing and rejuvenating properties. Jojoba oil relieves dryness and helps regulate oily skin. Essential oils of orange and pine remove toxins and toxins, improve the tone of the face. The composition also contains extracts of lemon, mulberry and ivy — they gently brighten and even out skin tone, fight pigmentation and give an inner glow.

Beautiful and healthy skin is not a gift of nature, but the result of regular competent care, and natural oil concentrate is one of the useful helpers that should be on your dressing table to nourish the skin with valuable oils, strengthen and heal it.

PS Don’t take our word for it — just try it and see for yourself!


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