A top coat is a top coat that seals in gel polish for long-lasting protection, durability and an attractive look. In simple words, this is the final step in creating the perfect manicure.

What is the top for?

  • For leveling and smoothing the nail plate with a colored coating
  • To create the perfect shine and glare
  • To protect color from fading
  • To fix designs
  • To protect against scratches, chips and other mechanical damage
  • For protection against environmental influences, chemicals and hard water

Types of tops

In the nail industry, the following types of tops are distinguished, which can be divided into several categories.

According to the external effect, tops are divided into:

  • glossy
  • matte
  • with additional effects: shimmer, glitter, quail egg effect, sequins, potal

By consistency, tops are divided into:

  • liquid
  • medium
  • thick

By properties, tops can be divided into:

  • tops with a sticky layer (viscous and plastic, ideal for thin nails).
  • tops without a sticky layer (after drying, such tops do not require removal of stickiness. This saves the master time and money to buy a liquid to remove the dispersion layer)
  • Tops with UV filters
  • tops without filters

By composition, the tops are divided into:

  • silicone (movable tops, allowing you to make the finish more plastic and protected from cracks and chips).
  • rubber (tops with high viscosity and density. Self-leveling and do not flow under the side rollers)

Application features

The top is the finishing coat, so it is applied to the decorative coating last.

  • The top must be stirred before use.
  • The top is applied to the entire nail plate. Special attention is paid to the free edge of the nail, which is sealed along the edge of the cut.
  • After application, the top is dried in a UV / LED lamp.
  • If the top has a sticky layer, then after polymerization in the lamp it is wiped with a napkin soaked in a degreaser

How to choose the right top

Choose a top proven manufacturer. This will save you frustration.

Pay attention to the brush. It should be smooth, dense, without villi sticking out in different directions.

Best before date. Carefully study the expiration dates indicated by manufacturers. Expired products are not recommended.

Well, now you know everything about tops!


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