For me, a leather belt is an accessory that I started designing and creating more than 9 years ago. Many people know that initially it is a male accessory that is used as part of a military uniform. But for almost 10 years, the harness has been an accessory that fashionistas have loved to wear on dresses, shirts, T-shirts, over underwear or just on their naked bodies. How the harness will look in one way or another depends on the model, combinations and colors. My brand is called Isy Mo, 9 years ago I started fashioning belts in Moscow, participated in designer markets and told how and with what it is better to wear belts. I can look at a person and ask a few questions (What purpose do you want to buy a harness for? What do you wear most often? What color do you want?) to find the perfect accessory that will suit you 100%. Harness in a classic style or with an emphasis on the waist, without drawings on the chest, ideal for shirts.
Harness, the weaves of which are located on the chest, fits very well with fitted dresses. Harnesses with chokers around the neck are ideal for a set of underwear.
In my Isy Mo store you will always find any of these accessories and more.
I myself love leather very much and I can say for myself that wearing such an accessory, you will never go unnoticed. Enjoy yourself and your body!
Designer and founder of the Isy Mo brand, Irina Mozolyuk


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