Modern, bold, liberated and self-confident — these are the women who choose a belt as a fashion accessory in everyday looks. It radiates a rebellious spirit and aggressive sexuality of a woman, emphasizes her individuality. Let’s take a closer look at this accessory using the example of the Tertium II harness from Triviaa and find out what to wear it with in everyday life so as not to look vulgar.

What is a harness and why is it needed?

A harness is a weaving of belts of various widths and lengths, which is thrown over the shoulder and fixed in the abdomen. Initially, the harness was part of the clothing of the military. A sheath for a sword or saber was attached to the harness belts, and with the advent of pistols, a holster. It was a convenient and useful accessory for the military, but with the light hand of designers it migrated to the women’s wardrobe.

The modern female version is a stylish decoration that makes any look more brutal, rebellious and sexy. Women’s harness is so self-sufficient as an accessory that it replaces any other decoration. And she favorably emphasizes the figure. Dita von Teese, Rihanna, Olga Buzova, Anna Sedokova and other celebrities use belts for everyday looks and red carpet appearances.

Thanks to the intricate weaving of the straps and different shapes, the harness allows not only to emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also to hide its flaws:

• The classic harness always focuses on the waist, visually narrowing it. This option should be chosen by girls who want to visually emphasize the waist.

• Harness with a wide belt or corset with suspenders is suitable for a V-shaped figure, because it will highlight the hips, make them more rounded

• A harness with shoulder pads is suitable for a pear shape. It will visually increase the narrow shoulders, balancing them with the hips.

What should you think about before buying?

This accessory is made mainly from genuine leather, but in the desire to make money, sellers offer products made from artificial materials. They quickly lose their appearance, because at the junctions of the belts with plaques, after a couple of applications, cracks remain and untidiness appears. If you want the belt to please you with its original appearance for a long time, choose accessories made of genuine leather, like Triviaa. Each product of the brand is handmade from selected quality leather. It is moderately soft and elastic, at the same time it keeps its shape and does not stretch.

It is also important to pay attention to the processing of the edges and the wrong side. All Triviaa products have finished edges, so they do not “fluff” over time and always look neat.

And the brand pays great attention to detail. See what smooth lines and holes for the strap. Such scrupulousness to trifles is achieved through the work of craftsmen who make each product by hand, sacrificing large volumes for the sake of quality.

Another important detail that you need to pay attention to when choosing a harness is high-quality fittings. It should be uniform in color, without distortion or visible defects.

The metal that is used is important. For example, fittings made of tin or silumin will quickly turn black, while those made of steel will retain their appearance longer. Here you need to understand that the higher the quality of the alloy, the more expensive the product will be, so a high-quality harness with good fittings simply cannot cost 700-800 rubles. This is the price of leatherette with Chinese fittings, which after a pair of socks can be thrown away.

Do not save on yourself, but choose high-quality leather belts with steel fittings. With proper care, they will serve you for decades. Well, do not forget about the design of the product, because the harness can be classic, with a choker, with a peplum, with a corset. For example, the Tertium II belt has a classic shape, in which the belt crosses at the waist with the letter X, emphasizing the small chest. This harness is made of 2.6-2.8 mm thick leather with 1.2 cm wide straps. Available in sizes 36 to 60, which means that girls with any clothing size can wear this fashion accessory without restrictions. The straps are adjustable in height and width.

With what to wear a harness in everyday life?

Let’s figure out what to wear with a harness so that it is sexy, but does not look vulgar. We have selected a few basic things with which you can wear a harness «without damage to your reputation.»

The law of using a belt is simple: since this accessory already looks aggressive and attracts the views of others, it must be combined with deliberately feminine clothes, airy, free. For example, it can be a cotton shirt, a lace dress or a turtleneck, as in the examples below.

Outerwear is no exception. The harness can be worn over a black coat instead of a belt. To keep the image in a single rebellious spirit, boots with thick tread soles in the style of Dr Martens will help.

What can not be combined with a harness?

If you do not want to trivialize the image and make it vulgar, do not wear a harness with these things:

• Over the knee boots

• Mini

• Transparent tops, crop tops, t-shirts with a deep neckline, etc.

A few more mistakes that will make the image vulgar

In order not to look ridiculous, avoid combining a harness in one look with:

• A large number of active jewelry: chains, bright earrings, bracelets, massive necklaces are not the best neighbors in the same image with a harness.

• With decorated clothes. If your T-shirt has embroidery, graphics, or other accents, refrain from using a harness. This accessory loves monochrome bows.

• Classic office suit.

And you should not use a harness without taking into account the features of your figure. Choose a model wisely, consider the width of the straps, the color and shape of the belt, the presence of additional decorative elements in clothing.

If you like to stand out, love the attention and looks of men, this is your accessory!


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