Women’s harness is a modern accessory, it consists of several straps made of leather or its substitutes. Used as a decoration, placed on the waist, chest or other places to emphasize the beauty of the figure. Designed for adults girls, depending on the performance, is worn on clothes or in order to create an attractive image, including on a naked body. It differs in the number of belts, the presence of additional decor, it can wrap around the neck, chest, hips, connect with rings. Belt received a huge number of design options.

What is the harness for?

Initially harness used to carry edged weapons, its design was developed with the aim of placing it inconspicuously near the body. An accessory was used by men, a holster was also provided, and mounts with rings were used to connect the belts. Since 2013 strap began to be presented as an ornament, it was proposed by P. Gurung from the USA. At the moment, they did a good job on the design, expanding the number of offers.

Modern purpose

The accessory has no practical purpose, it is needed to emphasize beauty and brightness, as well as self-confidence and self-sufficiency. Stylists identify the following goals for wearing a harness:

  • addition to the image in military style, combination with clothes without bright prints;
  • the desire to emphasize the perfect posture and slender figure;
  • visual increase in breast volume;
  • increasing self-esteem and attracting enthusiastic, surprised looks.

The intricacies of straps are offered from leather and other materials, including classic options, with an emphasis on the chest, waist, in the form of a corset, with shoulder pads, and so on. Genuine leather products retain their appearance and shape for a long time, while eco-leather is more affordable and also looks great.


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