It is impractical to take binoculars with you during hiking or tourist trips: they are quite heavy and take up a lot of space in a backpack. Is it possible to take half of the binoculars with you? Our answer is yes!

There is an optical device that is not inferior to binoculars in performance, but has a number of advantages.

  1. Compact size — can easily fit in the glove box of a car, a pocket of clothes or even in a woman’s handbag (if you need to consider something, you will not waste time searching and setting it up)
  2. Minor weight
  3. Easy to use and set up

And it’s a monocular, a compact refractive telescope used to magnify images of distant objects.

The most important advantage of a monocular is that one hand always remains free, which will allow you to interact with other objects (hunting gun, golf club or smartphone).

If during travel or even a simple walk you often find yourself thinking that it would be nice to see something in the distance, it’s time to think about buying a monocular.


The monocular is suitable for observations both in the city and in nature. Allows you to examine objects in detail at a distance of up to 3 km. Bak-4 lenses provide high quality and sharp images (higher refractive index, sharper image and even round exit pupil than other types). All optical surfaces are multilayer FMC coated. The coating forms a bright and natural image (passes up to 90% of the incident light into the eye), which allows you to observe both during daylight hours and at dusk.

The tourist monocular has an increase of 8 times — the optimal magnification for hand-held observation. In addition, the optics are wide-angle — you will not only see a large area in front of the lying space, but you will also be able to quickly find the necessary object, and it is also quite easy to track moving targets. When used with a tripod and a smartphone, the magnification increases to 40.

The monocular is waterproof — if you get caught in the rain or drop it into a puddle, nothing bad will happen. There are protective caps on the lens and eyepiece that will prevent unwanted dirt and moisture from entering the optics.

The big plus is that the front lens of the monocular is recessed (will prevent unwanted scratches on the optics), there is a wrist strap (it will protect the monocular from falling and allow you to comfortably carry it with you), and the body has an anti-slip coating.

Why do you need a tripod and smartphone holder?

A tripod for optical instruments is an indispensable thing — it allows you to avoid blurring the picture, which occurs from the «movement of the body» and the heartbeat. In addition, it allows you not to lose sight of the target of observation and focus on a specific area of ​​observation.

Smartphone holder — an additional accessory will be useful for fans of video / photo shooting. Allows you to capture, save and share bright and bewitching moments.

How to set up a monocular?

1. While looking at a distant object through the monocular, turn the central focusing knob until the object appears in full clarity.

2. Rotate the diopter adjustment ring to set the final image clarity. If you decide to change the observation eye, repeat this procedure.

3. Retractable Eyecup Adjustment — The eyecup aids correct eye positioning by filling the space between the eyepiece and the eye and preventing side flare. It can be positioned in the desired position to obtain the most comfortable viewing conditions, both with and without glasses. When using glasses, the eyecup should be folded in; otherwise, it is recommended to pull the eyecup out.


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