When connecting a large number of devices to a server, switch, or other network equipment using a mass of cables, it is very important to make sure that you manage all the cables correctly and plan everything correctly. Since you are not only setting everything up for today, but also planning for any potential growth in the future, the scalability and flexibility of your cabling infrastructure must be considered. The patch panel is an efficient piece of equipment to organize your data center or server room and make it easy to move, add or change your cabling infrastructure in the future. What is a patch panel and why do we need it? Answer below.

Patch panel, is a pre-wired hardware assembly that contains a specified number of ports for connecting and managing incoming and outgoing fiber or copper cables. You can buy W&T brand patch panels in our store.

In a typical data center infrastructure, patch panels are often placed in a wiring closet to connect racks to each other. Each rack contains at least one patch panel, the back of which is connected to the back of another. You will then need patch cords to connect servers or network switches to ports on the front of the patch panel in each rack.


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