Combined pedicure is the best option for maintaining the health of the feet and their beauty. It includes not only the treatment of feet by mechanical methods, but also the use of various cosmetic products containing active chemicals. One of them is a pedicure keratolytic, what is it and how to use it correctly?

What it is?

Keratolytic skin preparations are a liquid pedicure blade. This is a very effective remedy for softening corns. It also helps with other problems:

dry corns;
cracked heels;
rough rough skin.

All of these problems cause not only discomfort, but also pain. Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of them in the early stages. Since in advanced situations, surgical intervention may be necessary.

By itself, a keratolytic for the legs does not remove calluses or corns, but when applied to the skin, dead cells begin to actively exfoliate. The skin flakes rise, making the removal of corns with forceps, scissors or a special device easier and less traumatic. Creatolytics for feet are not only used in beauty parlors, they can also be used at home if you know how to use the liquid blade correctly, achieving maximum efficiency. This method is quite convenient, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of the liquid pedicure blade left by both professional cosmetologists and ordinary users.

Advantages of a liquid blade

Pedicure with a liquid blade at home has many advantages:

There is no need to look for a master and waste time traveling to a beautician.
You save money, as the amount spent on the purchase of a liquid blade will be much lower than the bill issued in a professional salon.
Using a keratolytic for a pedicure, you do not have to soak the skin in water for a long time.
Keratolytic foot gel is not only an effective remedy for corns and corns, it improves the condition of the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it, so it can be used for cracked heels.
Keratolytic for heels and other parts of the foot does not injure the skin of any type, gently acting on it.

Keratolytic products are not dangerous, but you still need to consider that they contain chemicals, and they should be selected taking into account the type of skin.


What is a liquid blade and what types of it exist:

containing urea;
containing enzymes.

Alkaline keratolytics are the most active, they are used to remove the oldest, hardened corns and calluses. But, given the aggressiveness of such funds, they should not be applied to painful calluses, as well as to areas of the skin where there are cracks or wounds. It is necessary to use such products with the utmost care, especially carefully following the manufacturer’s recommendations, including with regard to the time of their application.

Means of the second type contain salicylic, grape or citric acid. In this case, deep penetration into the skin cells does not occur, the keratolytic acts only on the surface, therefore, this composition is not suitable for treating rough skin, but acid keratolytics are perfect for peeling.

Urea keratolytics are considered the safest, this is the most suitable remedy for a pedicure at home. It has a healing and moisturizing effect, but it takes more effort to mechanically remove calluses when using it.
The peculiarity of products containing enzymes is that only dead cells are exfoliated, the bonds between healthy skin elements are not broken, due to which the upper layer of the epidermis recovers very quickly after the procedure.

During the procedure, you can combine various means, for example, treating hardened calluses with an alkaline keratolytic, and lubricate the areas where cracks have appeared with urea gel.

Acids, alkalis, urea and enzymes are the main, but not the only components of keratolytics. Along with them, these cosmetics contain essential oils, extracts of various plants, minerals, vitamins, as well as substances that destroy pathogenic fungi and bacteria.

Gel from corns keratolytic AVE LINE

Callus removal gel AVE LINE is recognized by experts as the most effective. It is based on glycerin, water, aloe vera, propylene and chamomile extract. The volume of the gel is 500 ml. It has no age restrictions. The kit includes the gel itself, cotton pads, disposable gloves, cream and foot peeling. It is recommended to use it at home, as well as in professional beauty salons. After use, the skin of your heels will become even, soft and velvety. The manufacturer guarantees a long-term effect. If you are interested in this product, then you can find out more detailed information and order it by clicking on the link.

The use of keratolytics

In order for cosmetic procedures for the feet at home to bring maximum benefit, you need to know how to use the liquid pedicure blade correctly:

The feet are soaked in a bath and cleaned with a disinfectant.
After drying the skin with a towel, a napkin or cotton pad is applied to it. If hyperkeratosis occurs, it is recommended to wrap the foot with cling film.
After the expiration of the period specified in the instructions attached to the product, the softened layer is removed with a file.
The gel remaining on the skin is washed off with water.
The foot is polished with a file with the finest abrasiveness and washed again with water.
A moisturizing or healing cream is applied to the legs, selecting it depending on the condition of the skin.

So that the keratolytic agent does not irritate the skin of the hands, it is better to carry out the procedure with medical gloves. To eliminate problems, the legs should be treated with a keratolytic at intervals of two weeks. When the desired effect is achieved, the procedure is recommended to be repeated monthly for preventive purposes. Such a frequency of care will ensure the excellent condition of the skin on the legs and eliminate corns and corns.


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