Quite often, after playing sports, a hard day at work, or working with limited mobility (for example, when working at a personal computer for a long time), muscle discomfort and soreness in the muscles appear in your body. Does this discomfort prevent you from continuing to play sports or relax after a hard day’s work?

Autonomous (wireless) percussion massager for all parts of the body from the company «Dr.Toshiro» will help you! This is a professional massager that has been adapted for use by ordinary users. It is ideal for people who:
1. Have joint diseases (for example, Arthritis or Osteochondrosis).
2. Athletes, helping to recover faster after workouts.
3. For ordinary people, to whom it will help to quickly relieve fatigue of the whole body after a working day.

It acts on your body as gently and precisely as possible, removing scar tissue, minimizing muscle contractions, improving blood circulation and reducing your level of fatigue in your body. Also, this massager perfectly fights cellulite and helps to remove muscle stiffness, and due to its light weight — a little over a kilogram, the hand will not get tired holding it in your hand.

This massager in the arsenal has as many as 4 nozzles that are designed for certain muscle groups:
1. Round nozzle — A versatile nozzle that is ideal for massaging and relaxing the muscles of the whole body.
2. Flat nozzle — Ideal for massaging and relaxing large muscle groups (Ex. chest or buttocks)
3. Bullet nozzle — This nozzle is needed if you feel pain when massaging with a round or flat nozzle. Just replace them with a bullet-shaped one and massage the point where you felt pain, it will quickly help to remove them, because it has an increased intensity of exposure.
4. Fork attachment — This attachment is perfect for your spine, it has a high intensity of impact, which makes the massage with this attachment more relaxing.

And, thanks to 3 different speed settings, the use of all these attachments will bring pleasure to even the most demanding users.

Let’s talk about what this device will give you, namely, the benefits for your health:
1. This massager does an excellent job of relieving muscle pain!
2. You will no longer feel tired and stressed!
3. You will improve blood circulation in the body!
4. It will take you less time to warm up and restore your muscles!
5. When using a massager, you will see how it gets rid of cellulite!
6. Your body will always be in great shape!

Let’s move on to the technical characteristics of this device:

Massager type: Percussion (Impact)
Massager weight: 1.2 kilograms.
Number of nozzles: 4 pieces.
Number of operating modes: 3 speed modes.
Minimum battery life: 180 minutes.
Massager height: 22 cm.
Massager width: 10 centimeters.
Coating type: Anti-slip matte coating.

The package includes:
1. Massager firm «Dr.Toshiro».
2. Bag-case.
3. Profile nozzles, in the amount of 4 pieces.
4. Network cable for charging.
5. Instruction in Russian.

Let’s get to the conclusion. If you suffer from joint diseases such as Arthritis, Osteochondrosis and others, often get tired after a hard day’s work, lead a sedentary lifestyle working at a personal computer, an athlete who needs to quickly and efficiently recover between workouts, or just want to relax after a hard day, then this model is definitely for you! It will relieve you of all irritations in the joints and muscles, making your life better. You will have the energy to do household chores, or spend time with friends, instead of lying on the couch!

We recommend avoiding use on the head and read the contraindications before use.


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