Modern upholstered furniture is almost impossible to imagine without poufs and banquettes. This is a great addition to the interior, which has functionality and comfort. Our article is about how to choose and buy an ottoman or a soft bench for the bedroom, living room and other rooms of the house.

> The names «ottoman» («pouffe») and «banquette» often mean the same piece of upholstered furniture. This is a small stool with a soft seat, completely or only upholstered on top. A soft bench is sometimes distinguished from a pouffe by the presence of a back or armrests.

The main requirement for any soft ottoman or bench is convenience and compliance with the overall style of the interior. A high-quality ottoman should have a comfortable height and rigidity, a reliable design.

The height of the ottoman is determined by its purpose. If you want to buy an ottoman for the living room, the best option would be soft and low. The optimal height of a soft pouffe for the living room should be equal to the height of the sofa seat. It is on such a pouf that it is convenient to put tired legs and relax after a hard day.

A soft pouffe for a bedroom is usually placed in front of a mirror or dressing table. In this case, its height should be medium, comfortable for long sitting. Choosing a soft ottoman for the bedroom, do not hesitate to sit on it in the furniture showroom! A correctly chosen and comfortable pouffe will not harm the spine and will not put additional stress on the legs.

When choosing an ottoman or bench for the kitchen, you should give preference to high models with moisture-resistant and non-marking upholstery. Soft ottomans for the kitchen are usually made from solid wood materials. Only the seat is upholstered in fabric. Leather puffs are another best option for the kitchen. They are easy to keep clean by occasionally wiping the surface with a soft brush.

The upholstery of soft ottomans and stools is made from a variety of fabrics. If the pouffe is included in the soft set, then it is upholstered with the same material as the rest of the furniture. The choice of upholstery of a soft pouffe, first of all, depends on your preferences, as well as on the style of the interior. Leather puffs give the room solidity and formality, plush and velvet — warmth and homeliness.

The rigidity of the pouffe depends on the filler and the design of the seat. Choosing a comfortable model, it is better to buy an ottoman with a spring seat. And the highest quality fillers of soft puffs are polyurethane, molded foam rubber and latex. They are durable, comfortable and do not lose their shape.

The shape of the pouffe is determined by the overall style of the room. Classic soft ottomans and banquettes are made in round, rectangular and square shapes. Modern poufs express the most daring design ideas. So, among the unusual soft ottomans you can find inflatable, ovoid and spherical, cubic models and models with a very vague shape.

Pouffes and banquettes come in different styles, shapes and colors. But all models have one thing in common — convenience and indispensability. A fairly common and functional type of soft pouffes is ottomans with a seat cover. Inside they can store things, clothes, magazines, shoe accessories and much more. The advantage of pouffes-«capacities» is that they save space and allow you to keep the most necessary items at hand.

As for the color of soft banquettes or ottomans, a real flight of fancy is possible here. Bright puffs, leather or fabric, will become a bright detail, an accent of your interior. Restrained, pastel and dark colors emphasize the style of the whole suite and the comfort of the room.

Soft banquettes and ottomans, despite their small size, are an important element of the interior. It is easier to pick up and buy an ottoman if it is included in a furniture set.


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