Perfect coverage starts with a primer. This is an axiom.

A primer, or «double-sided tape» as it is often called, is a special liquid that improves the adhesion of a natural nail plate to a coating (gel polish or extension gel).

Primer types

Primers are acidic and acid-free.


  • both of these liquid products are designed to cleanse and disinfect the nail plate
  • serve as a ligament between the nail plate and the coating
  • prevent the development of fungal infections of the nail
  • improve adhesion of artificial coating and nail plate

Primer difference

The acid primer, due to its composition, lifts the scales of the nail plate. This improves adhesion to bases and modeling tools.

This means that it is more aggressive and is used in cases where more thorough preparation of the nail plate is necessary, for example, with extensions or problem nails.

Features of this product:

  • makes the surface perfectly matt
  • used to improve adhesion both with extensions and under gel polish
  • evens out the pH balance of the nail plate
  • prepares nails for further coating
  • indispensable for high humidity of the nail platinum and problems with wearing a long-term coating.

An acid-free primer has a different principle of action. It’s like a heavy-duty double-sided tape — it creates a sticky layer for better grip.

Features of this product:

  • more gentle formula compared to acid primer
  • great for a 3-phase gel polish system and as a base for acid-free gels
  • no acid odor
  • thanks to the residual tack, it perfectly interferes with the molecular composition of the base or building agent

Some masters skip this step, but we recommend using primers to ensure the longest possible wearing of the coating without peeling or chipping.

This reduces the consumption of materials, contributes to a more uniform application of the base and makes it easier to work with complex nail plates.


The primer is applied with a well-wrung brush on the surface of the nail, avoiding contact with the skin. Air dry in 1 minute. Then you can use bases and extensions.

For maximum effect, apply a thin layer and do not layer each subsequent stroke on top of each other, but join with the previous one.


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