In our new world, the world of pandemics and other unknown diseases, more and more often people ask themselves the question: How to maintain health, and how to be aware of all the important processes in your body! 2020 knocked down the whole world and shook the nerves and health of millions of citizens of the planet! Now on the world market there is a very large selection of devices for monitoring your health, which you can and should have not only for people with weak immunity and people of advanced age, but also from 20 years old and above! World experience has shown us that no one is immune from the impact of harmful and dangerous bacteria! Of the many devices and gadgets, household finger pulse oximeter is now gaining popularity! It is very easy to use and can be used by people of all ages! The main advantages of this device is that it will show you the percentage of oxygen in the SO2 blood and the pulse in real time with an accuracy of 99.9! Many people wonder why I need to know oxygen and pulse, if I feel bad, I will call an ambulance and when the ambulance officers come, they will check everything and find out! Well, firstly: if you feel bad, you can measure the readings of your body and for earlier, when calling an ambulance, report your testimony! Thus, you speed up the diagnosis and possibly save your life or the life of your loved ones. The pulse oximeter is becoming popular among athletes and people with an active lifestyle! Indeed, with any kind of sports, you need to control your pulse, and with such a compact device it is very easy and fast to do! The oxygen level in the blood should not be less than 94 percent, the normal oxygen content in the blood is 97-99 percent! But the pulse rate is individual, but noma is considered 65-80 beats per minute, but people who are overweight or with arterial hypertension mostly have an increased pulse of 80-100! Experts recommend not to trust the readings of cheap devices, since the error in their readings is very large! There are also pulse oximeters with the same body but different fillings, so you can often find the same device but with a wide variation in cost! We advise you to look at customer reviews as this is the best indicator of whether the game is worth the candle! Thank you all for your attention.


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