What is a Facial Peeling Roll?

What is a facial peel? This is a soft gel-based exfoliator, the task of which is to gently and gently exfoliate the skin. It removes dead skin particles from its surface, cleanses and renews. But he does it very softly. And all because the basis of the facial roll is not abrasive particles (as in scrubs), but cellulose fibers — it is they that give such a mild exfoliating effect.
“The peeling roll has a gommage or scrub effect, that is, it eliminates hyperkeratosis (a layering of horny scales that gives a feeling of rough, non-smooth skin), but without the effect of mechanical particles on the skin.”

What else is included:

    • fruit acids;

    • extracts of herbs and plants;

    • ceramides;

    • hyaluronic acid;

    • vitamins, etc.

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How does facial peeling work?

Why is this product called exactly a gel-roll for the face or a peeling-roll? Because when rubbing against the skin, the gel (or cream), or rather its acrylates (the so-called cellulose fibers) are collected in pellets. It is acrylates that exfoliate the skin extremely delicately.

How does facial peeling work? The principle of action is as follows: acids dissolve bonds between cells, cellulose attracts dead cells and gently removes them, and other active ingredients that make up the composition saturate the skin with moisture, soothe it, etc.

As a result:

  • when peeling-skating is removed due to massage, blood circulation improves;

  • the skin becomes even, smooth;

  • pores are cleansed (black dots disappear);

  • the skin receives a good dose of hydration;

  • the tone becomes brighter;

  • a rejuvenating effect is possible.

In other words, the skin becomes clean, soft and smooth.

To learn more about the product, click on the picture below👇👇👇


If you don’t have a facial gel yet, we recommend getting one. Today it is one of the most loved products for anyone who wants to keep their skin beautiful and radiant. The tool has practically no drawbacks, except for the possible individual intolerance of some of the components. This product:

  • easy to use;

  • pleasant to the skin and does not cause negative sensations;

  • suitable even for dry, thin and sensitive skin;

  • cleans well.

How to use facial peeling

And now we will tell you how to use a peeling roller for the face. The most important and important rule is that the product is applied only to dry skin.

    1. Remove make-up and impurities from your face with micellar water or any other cleanser
    2. Pat your face dry with a warm towel.
    3. Spread the peel over the entire surface of the skin of the face, avoiding the area around the eyes. Let dry a little
    4. Then gently massage your face in circular motions. During self-massage, you should notice that the product rolls off the skin.
    5. Wash off with warm water
    6. Apply toner to wet skin
    7. Use a cream (or make a mask).

How often can a peeling roll be used?

As a rule, peeling is recommended to be used 1-2 times a week.

But we would like to clarify: if you have oily or problematic skin, then you can use the roller up to 3 times a week.

But for people with dry and sensitive skin, once every 7 days will be enough.

Health to you and your loved ones 😍


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