A shoe bag is a convenient and useful attribute of any person who takes a change of shoes with him.


  • How did the idea of ​​the bag come about?
  • Main Features of Shoe Bag
  • How to choose
  • How to take care of your bag
  • Shoe Bag Use Cases
  • Issue price
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How did the idea of ​​the bag come about?

We are already accustomed to seeing how schoolchildren every day carry on their backs, in addition to a backpack, also a bag with clean changeable shoes. Bags once replaced fragile plastic bags and thoroughly took their place in the wardrobe. This is not just an attribute of a student, but also a very useful practical school subject.

Over time, needs began to change. The most important of them is to do something with these laces. For some, they either stretch, then get confused, or even break. So an alternative to a bag came a shoe bag.

Main Features of Shoe Bag

We began to think about the main purpose of the bag and how to improve it for ease of use.

1) The material must be strong, but at the same time not too thick and heavy. Schoolchildren are active people, and often they simply do not follow which corner the bag will “fly”.

  • The second important feature of the material should be its water-repellent properties. Therefore, we settled on the proven Oxford 210den material.
  • We decided to partially take designs from shoe bags and also came up with new thematic ones. Our sublimation printing confidently allows you to use the bag outdoors in any weather and wash it manually or automatically on a minimum spin without losing print quality.
  • And the main task of the bag is to leave your hands free. To do this, we added a plastic fastex to the usual carrying handle, which allows the bag to be fastened to the backpack straps.

How to choose

Our bag has a universal size: length 35cm, depth 6cm, width 21cm.

This greatly facilitates the selection and selection for the size of the shoe, the age of the student, and the model of the shoe. The maximum shoe size is calculated up to size 43. However, when choosing a bag cover, it is also important to consider the height of the shoe. This is easy to understand by simply trying on the bag with the intended shoes.

How to take care of your bag

Thanks to the special bag fabric, the care of the bag is very simple. Small dirt can be easily removed with a damp sponge. If necessary, the bag can be washed with a detergent by hand or in a washing machine. Dries quickly. High-quality tailoring and seam processing allow you not to be afraid of wear and loss of sewing strength even after several washes. The strength of the print on the bag is guaranteed by the technical properties of the paint, which is not just applied as a layer on top of the fabric, but actually impregnates, fills the threads of the fabric, and thus becomes super durable.

Shoe Bag Use Cases

Although bags were invented as an alternative to a student’s shoe bag, this bag is a great option for storing shoes.

  • When changing your wardrobe, it is important to properly store shoes for seasonal storage. Clean, processed shoes require a separate compartment for careful, long-term storage. A shoe bag is a great option to protect your shoes from dust or contact with other shoes.
  • A cultural trip to the theater according to etiquette also requires you to carry a change of shoes. A shoe bag will come to the rescue in this case too. Discreet designs are well suited for adults and will be perfectly combined with a festive wardrobe, not attracting attention, but great help out at an important moment.
  • Alternatively, special laundry bags are sometimes used to wash sneakers. If there is no such bag for washing shoes, you can safely use a shoe bag for washing sneakers or sneakers. Allowing you to compactly place sneakers in the drum of a washing machine.

Issue price

We sell our products at Wildberry. This allows you to keep reasonable prices without the markup of intermediaries.


A shoe bag is a useful and very convenient purchase. An excellent alternative to a bag for shoes, who do not like long laces, who appreciate practicality and compactness. And also for high school students who, by their status, want to find a replacement for bags for interchangeable shoes with a more discreet bag.


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