Mattress cover made of moisture-repellent fabric is a special cover for a mattress that serves to protect against the penetration of various liquids and dirt onto its surface. If you are going to buy a new mattress, be sure to take care of the mattress cover for it. This practical solution will greatly facilitate the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene of the bed, especially if there are children, animals, and the elderly at home.

The Classic mattress topper from Smart Textile consists of a pleasant to the body knitted fabric with terry weaving — on the front side; and the bottom layer of membrane fabric — from the wrong side. Thanks to this structure, the cover prevents the penetration of liquid and dirt on the surface of the mattress, while being breathable, it dries quickly.

What to look for when choosing?

1. Case size. Today, the market is represented by a wide range of mattress covers, so before you go shopping, measure the length, width and height of your mattress. The consultant will help you choose a mattress pad that is ideal for your mattress. The shape of the mattress pad is also different: square and rectangle, circle and oval.

2. The quality of the fabric. The presence of a certificate from the seller, the absence of an extraneous smell of fabric, good packaging, positive reviews on the Internet — all this indicates the quality of the product and its safety.

3. Type of fastening. Typically, mattress toppers are attached to the mattress with rubber bands, which can go around the entire perimeter or be present only at the corners of the cover. Fastenings allow you to securely fix the water-repellent mattress pad so that it does not slip or gather in folds.

4. The composition of the mattress pad. The top layer of the cover is usually made of cotton fabric, such as terry and knitwear, or with a small percentage of synthetics, which provides a durable surface and a pleasant texture to the touch. The bottom layer is a membrane based on polypropylene or polyurethane, which does not allow liquids to pass through, while “breathing” perfectly. There are mattress toppers with a layer of polyester fiber, which gives the product extra softness and comfort when using.

Protective cover for the Classic mattress is a mattress cover made of moisture-proof fabric, which serves as a reliable barrier for liquid, dirt, dust, sweat to enter the mattress, which prevents the development of pathogenic microorganisms and dust mites inside the mattress and on its surface, unpleasant odor, putrefactive phenomena.

If small children, the elderly, pets live in the house, mattress covers are a must. Getting liquids and dirt on a mattress can seriously damage it, and this is an expensive thing to buy for years. Caring for the cover is much easier: it can be easily removed, washed in a washing machine, dries quickly, and does not lose its shape.

The Smart Textile Classic mattress topper consists of a top layer (cotton terry knitwear) and a bottom layer (membrane material), it is comfortable to the skin, breathable, and reliably protects the mattress. It is fixed on the mattress with an elastic band sewn around the entire perimeter of the cover — this is very convenient, because the cover is securely fastened, and besides, the mattress is protected from the sides.


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