These are comfortable casual clothes that can be worn as a walking or home suit, because women’s home suits have long replaced bathrobes. A suit made of footer is a trend in women’s clothing, it will be appropriate practically everywhere: on a walk, jogging, meeting with friends, doing fitness and yoga, while traveling.

Our knitted suit looks stylish and modern. The non-brushed fleece fabric guarantees comfort, and the tailoring guarantees the quality of the product. The suit will suit any style, while the sweatshirt and joggers can be worn separately. It will be a wonderful gift for mom, sister, lover, girlfriend, and also suitable for pregnant women. An oversized women’s warm suit is always a necessary purchase in your wardrobe.

Suits are presented in three popular colors: pink, graphite and green (mint).

Pink color is a sign of tenderness and lightness. According to experts, when contemplating pink, a person receives a portion of the hormones of happiness — endorphins. Suitable for women in almost any age segment, except for overweight and ladies over 50 years old.

Graphite is a versatile, very popular color. Good for blondes and brunettes with fair skin. Type called «winter» is perfect.

Green (mint) always refreshes the face. Slimming and youthful, suitable for both young girls and ladies of respectable age.


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