Acrygel is produced in different forms

Acrygels are available in two forms: jars of 15 g, 18 g, 30 g and 50 g — like TNL Professional, E.Mi, as well as tubes of 15-30 g — like Nogtika, OneNail, In’Garden, UNO Lux , SH and Elpaza. Elpaza and Uno Lux are considered quality leaders, the latter have higher production defects, the first ones (ELPAZA) have been on the market for a long time and have a huge army of fans of this acrygel. At the end of the article, the best acrylics are waiting for you 🙂

Many nail masters note that acrygel in tubes has a denser consistency, and the canned composition is slightly softer. You can adapt to any density. The essence of this does not change: acrygel absorbed the best qualities of precursor materials and at the same time did without their shortcomings.

It is more convenient to work with acrygel than with classic powder and gel

Akrigel is a completely ready-to-use product. This distinguishes it favorably from acrylic powder: it must be mixed with a liquid (monomer), which emits caustic fumes.

Acrygel has many other benefits. For example, you need to get used to the fluidity of a conventional gel, while a new material has immediately optimal viscosity, density and elasticity for building nails. This is convenient for beginner nail service specialists and those who build nails at home.

Acrygel does not have a strong chemical smell, so you can not worry about the health of allergy sufferers and asthmatics, you can calmly model nails for pregnant women and nursing mothers. The material is sawn with heavy particles, which immediately settle and do not form fine air dust, which interferes with work and is harmful to health.

Acrygel does not need to be mixed with monomers or powders

The master does not need to rush to model nails, as when working with acrylic — acrygel does not harden without a lamp. For the polymerization of such a coating, LED and UV lamps with a power of at least 36 V are needed. It is convenient that during drying, the acrygel does not flow, does not burn, and does not leave stickiness.

The material is combined with the base and top of any gel polishes. The coating is thin and elastic, like gel, but durable, like acrylic, so it looks and feels as natural as possible.

But the therapeutic effect of acrigel is clearly a marketing ploy: the components that make up its composition are not able to restore the health of the nail plate. The product simply strengthens the surface of the nails well and creates favorable conditions for their growth.


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