Affirmations contribute to positive changes in life because they improve the psycho-emotional background.

Affirmation (from lat. affirmatio — affirmation, confirmation) — an affirmative (positive) judgment. In popular psychology, an affirmation is a positive statement, a short self-hypnosis phrase that creates the right psychological mood.

Many of our thoughts and dreams do not affect the quality of life in any way. But about 5% of thoughts and ideas are constantly spinning in our head and do not give rest. When a thought or idea is repeated regularly, it turns into a belief and influences a person’s choices and decisions.

Positive thoughts create positive statements, that is, they are affirmations. Affirmation is a practice with which you can improve your mood, set yourself up for a brighter future, and begin to believe in yourself and your own strengths. Of course, you won’t be able to achieve success just by saying affirmations, you need to make great efforts. But a well-written positive statement works great and transforms the subconscious mind, which will help you confidently move towards your goal.

Affirmation is a medicine for the soul and body of a person. Good and necessary words direct our forces to achieve results. It helps to abstract from the negative and change unconscious desires and thoughts. Positive affirmations increase self-confidence. This is the best way to change yourself, improve and find harmony. Affirmations replace old unnecessary thoughts. By repeating a few positive affirmations a day, you fill your mind with special thoughts that form desires. The brain perceives a new thought and over time replaces the old one. There are several studies that have confirmed the effectiveness of morning affirmations for working on self-esteem and reducing depressive thoughts. Keep examples of working affirmations for yourself, say them out loud and in a month you will see the result.


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