All mothers know very well how few 24 hours are for all things, especially for useful pastime with the kids. But it is in childhood that they so need training and assistance in the development of motor skills, speech, and creative thinking. Sometimes all the developmental toys take away the strength of both the mother and the baby.

How to organize training in a fun game and anti-stress for mom? I found such a way! I bring to your attention a new generation of plasticine, it is light, airy, does not stain clothes, hands, the texture is so pleasant that it calms the nerves in work. Air Plasticine has a delicate structure for children’s hands, you can easily mold any toy that dries in the air and replenishes your baby’s toy collection. It is also absolutely safe composition, without chemicals and even gluten. While playing, we not only develop hand motor skills, start speech, but we can also teach animals, geometric shapes. And an online school will help you with this, where even the smallest learn to sculpt masterpieces. You will find a QR code for training on boxes with light plasticine. The set contains 10 colors, a stick, instructions with stencils and storage bags.

I am happy with the purchase, because now my daughter sculpts everything herself for training, and I have time to drink hot coffee!) I am sharing a link with you, https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/78195460/detail.aspx?targetUrl=SN

Happy shopping! And by the way, you can ask absolutely any question to the seller about the product, they quickly answer!


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