Choose the optimal size patch, peel, stick and relax while the cleansing patch soothes inflammation. Allow the patch to stay in place throughout the day or night for optimal results. Hydrocolloid Patches — These thin hydrocolloid-infused patches absorb the secretion from the pimple, turning it into a gel and decontaminating the wound. Creates a moist environment, thereby accelerating the healing process. two sizes to fit most pimples — 12mm and 8mm.Perfect for everyday wear.Conceals and heals at the same time.

Application: Apply a patch to clean, dry skin. The patch must be left on the skin for at least 6 hours. Maybe overnight. When the acne patch visually loses transparency, it must be changed. Precautions: do not use with other ointments or creams, if signs of allergy appear, stop using, do not reuse, each acne patch is used only 1 time.


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